1/32 class 25 3 D print

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  1. D6356

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    Evening all,
    Worth a look if you fancy a class 25, I know its shapeways and is bound to cost but hang on to Monday as its Cyber Monday and via their emails will be some voucher codes.

    1:32 Class 25/3 body by simonbrblue on Shapeways

    Simon advised loco been a while in devlopment and motorising is next part of project but this looks very promising and given some parts available separately of use to other projects - the bufferbeam and cab desk suitable for any 24 - 25 project.

  2. Scale7JB

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    I would like to see the quality of the printing before forking out £200!

  3. SimonT

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    I would like to see it done by anyone but Shapeways!
  4. D6356

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    Simon has done quite a bit of 4 and 7 mill work on RM Web to some acclaim so I have no problem with it and yes shapeways can be a hassle esp with UPS as carrier, but with the chance of a price cut on Monday I will have to see what can be saved.
    Personally I have not had a problem with Shapeways - while I only piggyback on others design skill with buying others work I have several models finished and perhaps 25 in various states and none are poor, yes the early stuff while cheap and perhaps nasty the latest offerings vastly better and since I have little or no PC skills or time to wander down the vast wide road that is 3D production for me Shapeways does what I need. I have seen work of others and watched at shows printers all of which is amazing and promises a varied future and like the work Shapeways have yet to fail me.
  5. simon br blue

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    I've not finished my original 1:32 Class 25/1 but Robert asked if I could make a 25/3 available on Shapeways. Currently Shapeways seems to the most useful online printer but always open to suggestions of other printing companies, I did look at printing it in PLA but that wouldn't be easy. I also tried Imaterialise but that worked out over £300 for the body.

    I've attached a couple pictures of the bodyshell as printed and after a couple of coats of primer and a quick sand. I've not included al the parts on Shapeways as I can print some of the smaller details on my Form 2 and the fuel tank in PLA.

    [​IMG]1/32 scale class 25.1 by simon br blue, on Flickr

    [​IMG]1:32 Class 25/1 bodyshell by simon br blue, on Flickr

    [​IMG]25.1 1/32 fuel and water tanks by simon br blue, on Flickr
  6. David Halfpenny

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    Good tip, Robert & Simon.

    I've bought several small printed vehicles from Shapeways, and I'm very happy with them.

    Designer Simon Dawson, trading on Shapeways as Recreation21, has put an astonishing 397 1:32 models on his Shapeways shop but has NOT yet printed more than a few. So to put a toe in the water, I recently bought one of his cheapest - a Col Stephens railbus body:
    0-32-ford-wsr-railcar-1a by rue_d_etropal on Shapeways


    The piece - in cheap white nylon - is just like this Render, but of course more furry.
    My intention was to practice finishing, painting and construction on this relatively simple model first. I happen to have a die-cast Ford chassis to put it on.

    If I could change it at all, I would want to exaggerate some of the panel thicknesses, which, while visibly printed, are close to being lost in the granularity of the material, and could get lost in my post-processing.

    I'd also like the print to be more practical to assemble and paint as a model: ALL internal work (painting, glazing, panelling, seats etc) has to be done through the windows and the quite narrow opening in the floor.​

    Bearing in mind this print is from Simons' shop not from my own file, they may not be an APPLICABLE discount code on Cyber Monday.
    But if there is, I'm sufficiently pleased with this first model to take a calculated risk on something more ambitious from Simon.
    David 1/2d
  7. D6356

    D6356 Western Thunderer

    I have had from Simon several N gauge dmu bodies and GWR railcars - very finely done and easily mounted on available rtr chassis. As I have said at Warley show to viewers of models in progress - they were last couple of years in the club display cabinet. 3D prints add to the variation but after all costs involved not much saving over complete rtr, but you get the satisfaction of the variation.
  8. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer

    There's a 3-page article by Chris Leigh on building one of Simon's Gauge 00 carriages in Model Rail 268 December 2019

    Mt current feelings are that in 1:32 Simon's prints are not cheap, but do represent a saving other other forms of kit and a big saving over RTR.

    Like all kits, they are subject to Simon's interpretation of the information to hand but, unlike most kits, I suspect that customising or correcting a one-piece print may be virtually impossible without the joins showing.
  9. D6356

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    Well Shapeways suggest parts being printed bar the grill for the main rad as it failed manual checks but hopefully everything else will rock up some time early January. Simon will hopefully after the great holiday period is over have a chance to create some of the twiddly parts for it. Fossmotors offer some motor options and R/C bits so that might be the way forward. Discussed at work the leaps and bounds in N and 00 rtr prices makes some O and even G1 look value for money, something unthinkable a few years ago! I think that all the bits in RC will come in around £600, or 4 N gauge locos at s.r.p. Ho hum good job its a hobby to bring enjoyment.
  10. D6356

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    Well it arrived in box almost as big as my flat !! Currently bogie frames, body etc washed in jif and dried now body and bogies in primer and front to get the merest of filler before a slight sand - some laying. The rest is in what was once called white strong and flexible IIRC. This has a slight - like 120 grade glass paper texture and with a light red oxide prime has a good surface which with a few layers of prime and sanding plus paint coats will be fine. Really looking forward to working on this. A big thanks to Simon for the work done and time spent.
    festive greetings
  11. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer

    Very pleasing - looking forward to pictures, Robert :)

    Simon, I've noted your level-headed critiques of Shapeways in the past, and I'm not claiming they're perfect.
    May I ask what alternative print agencies you would recommend for this kind of one-piece body shell?
    Especially alternatives that (like SLS) don't involve anyone removing support structures, please?
    With (naturally) the reasons why you've found them to be better.

    Thanks, David 1/2d
  12. SimonT

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    I was put onto PD Models by the late Dave Finney. We both got excellent results from them. They have a web site and Lewis is very helpful. The printer they use does not need support structures.
    Unfortunately the agencies used by F7 will remain Comercial in Confidence, but they were found initially off an internet search.

  13. Mike W

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    I know printing is improving all the time, and please do not thin I am being in any way critical ... but I am interested. When I read "... filler ... sand ... slight texture ... prime ... few layers of prime ... sanding ... paint coats ... will be fine. "

    Would it not be better to do all of that once, and then get the perfect bodyshell cast in resin?

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  14. David Halfpenny

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    Funny you should say that, Mike . . .
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  15. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer

    Thanks for the tip, SimonT :) Nice website.
    Although the printer mentioned is too small for bogie bodyshells, it's plenty big enough for all else in 1:32 vehicles.
    Besides, it won't be the last printer they buy ;-)​

    Here, to demonstrate the inherent self-supporting nature of SLS for one-piece bodyshells, is my latest delivery which, at 2mm thick, is beautifully smooth, flat and stiff ~ albeit just as Textured as the Class 25:

    Dagenham Boxcab R21.jpg

    It's a well-proportioned likeness of the 1932 BTH diesels for Ford's Dagenham plant.
    (Huge Learning Curve Irony: whereas above I was worried that surface detail might be too fine, on this print by the same designer I'm faced with buxom rivets and strapping a scale inch thick!) ​

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  16. D6356

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    Sorry no photos but to say body has had grills and radiator inner frames fixed in with superglue. I have from 60th plasticard fashioned two cab floors. The chassis body join is a reassuring 12 off 6BA nuts and bolts, the nuts are captive- or will be shortly having soldered a washer on top to increase glue face. Simon has kindly printed off and ready to pack for an after Christmas session. I will find a kind soul to take some photos in next few weeks.
  17. simon br blue

    simon br blue Member

    An update on progress on my 25/1.

    The bodyshell was modified to represent the later air brake version, grills were added to the shell after priming. I've added some rivet detail with Archer water slide rivets. The body was painted with Acrylic paints after pre shading was added around the details. Cab interior was printed in PLA with from 2 resin details. Sprung buffers were printed using the form 2 printer with homemade piano wire springs fitted around a brass tube.

    [​IMG]1:32 class 25/1 grills by simon br blue, on Flickr

    [​IMG]1:32 class 25/1 roof deatils by simon br blue, on Flickr

    [​IMG]1:32 OLEO class 25 buffer by simon br blue, on Flickr

    [​IMG]25/1 Warning yellow applied by simon br blue, on Flickr

    [​IMG]25/1 pre shading of grills by simon br blue, on Flickr

    [​IMG]25/1 Rail blue applied by simon br blue, on Flickr

    [​IMG]1:32 class 25/1 cab interior by simon br blue, on Flickr
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  18. David Halfpenny

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    Bravo, Simon!
    Er, are you able to get to Shepshed on 25 April - pretty-please?

  19. Keith Phillips

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    That looks good Simon. Proper workbench there too ;)
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  20. D6356

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    Just a quick one what yellow did you use - it looks spot to my old mind. Had you any thoughts on the headcode front panel I was going to cut out a bit of 1mm clear sheet perspex adding a suitable head code and spraying black behind- not bothered about lighting as in reality it was pretty dim.