1:32 Finescale Stand at G1MRA Spring Meeting

Discussion in 'G1/32' started by David Halfpenny, 9 April 2019.

  1. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer

    We have four tables at the Spring Show this coming Saturday.
    Last minute changes mean I'm not entirely sure what we'll show, but I'm expecting:
    - some small 1:32 diesel locomotives
    - high quality low-cost small-batch manufacturing methods
    - 1:32 people
    - suggestion-seeking for a portable Finescale layout

    If you'd like to contribute, please phone me on 07813275621

    The show is a good place for component shopping and wagging tails.
    Traders booked-in include (among others):
    Cromford Designs, Walsall Model Insustries, Paul Forsyth, Keith Cousins, SM models, Model Engineers Laser, Peter Korzelius, John Fuller, MetalSmiths, Custom Carriages, Classic Loco, Bowande, Aster Hobbies, Buxton Models, Ken Martin, Barrett Engineering, Just The Ticket, Steve Golding, Chris Arundell, Mercian Models, Woodbury, Peter Spoerer, Fosworks, Brunel Models, Ieuan Lewis, Accucraft, Rushford Barn, K A Lasercraft

    several of whom focus on 1:32 Scale, while a few more dabble.
    Here are the details:
    Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 14.20.25.jpg

  2. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    I'm not going to be able to visit unfortunately, hope everyone has a good time.

    I hear the committee etc are again pondering on membership anno domini and the lack of "modelled" Gauge One, and handing money out in various worthy initiatives.

    What would be a really good idea would be if G1MRA produced a "proper" pair of moulded 1/32 scale sleeper/chair units that could be paired with Cliff Barker's code 180 rail and his S&C chairs. BR 3 bolt bullhead with properly moulded offset key, one standard and the other "gauge widened". With the correct rail inclination.

    Why you ask?

    Because it would make utterly realistic track (yes OK British bullhead) readily available for the first ever time.

    The problem with Cliff's existing units are that they are GER four bolt, so a bit specific, but the rail inclination is twice what it should be. This fact inhibited Cliff from really pushing his track, and he isn't motivated to sort it out, being happily diverted into G3 and happily running trains on his S&D G1 network.

    It doesn't "matter" as I can attest from laying and using it over nearly 10 years, but it is wrong and creates various issues.

    So come on G1MRA, do something innovative and positive, 7mm and 4mm modellers used to C&L etc aren't going to bother unless proper scale track becomes available, and these are the new players that Gauge One probably needs and wants.

    What's the cost - a few thousand pounds I should think, absolute peanuts for G1MRA and it would be a truly worthwhile thing to do.

    And if you get a move onI can lay my new gardenline with proper track!

    Come on G1MRA!!!

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  3. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer

    I'll see what responses your proposal gets at Shepshed later today, Simon.

    The first one has been - "Or maybe just the Chairs, to fit wooden sleepers, along the lines of G1MRA's historic white-metal offering."

  4. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Well yes, the chairs alone would be good.

    Have a great day!

  5. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer


    Are you able to point me to some dimensioned chair drawings, please?
    (I've bought a set of Stewart Hine's remastered whitemetal chairs, and would like to see how they compare.)
  6. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Hi David

    In a word no, I don't.

    Probably best to scan a real one I should think?

    Best Wishes

  7. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer

    With so many to choose from, Simon, are there some types near the top of your Wish List?
  8. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Well I would think that the "standard" BR 3 bolt type would be the most universally appealing.

    I don't suppose there is technically any such thing, but they all looked the same to me!

  9. David Halfpenny

    David Halfpenny Western Thunderer

    I imagine that your esteemed emporium has a copy of Andy Dow's "The Railway: British Track since 1804" on page 169 of which is Footnote 99.

    Perhaps one day someone will produce a taxonomy of railway chairs, to recognise the many permutations of designs, and to analyse development trends more thoroughly than can be undertaken in this (460 page) work.

    At least Andy's book has saved me a trip to a Heritage line by revealing that a 'modern' bullhead chair (if that is indeed a Thing) has its screw holes at 11" centres. I'll put a ruler over Stewart's castings. David
  10. richard_t

    richard_t Active Member

    Get hold of a copy of Standard Railway Equipment - Permanent Way, 1926 it has most chairs in it although not overly modern. N1 and S1 are missing (although the S1J is there, so you can work out the S1). You'll need to adapt the drawings for the rail you have, unless you're lucky with 1:32 and have proper scale rail.

    It's what I've used for modelling chairs (as did Off the Rails) in 7mm.

    Here's my S1 chair, with bolts and key:

  11. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    I had four LNWR 3-bolt chairs (LH and RH keyed, plus joint chairs) drawn and solid printed a year or so ago, in both G3 and G1. I've not used them yet but they have a peg beneath for use on drilled sleepers. My intention was a short display track for the LNWR Society who have four of Geoff Holt's models and it just didn't seem right for the LNWR Society to show off some LNWR engines standing on Midland or GER track! If my patterns or castings are of use to anyone please ask as I'd like to see them used.

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  12. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    Here are the solid printed masters. Gauge 1 chairs 3.JPG
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