1/32 Polybulk scratchbuild project

Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Simon, 11 December 2012.

  1. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    A question.

    Does anyone have a drawing or reference for a drawing for the type of freight bogie (Y25?) fitted to the Polybulk wagons.

    I am aware of Jim Smith Wright's rather good 4mm drawing on his site but was cheekily hoping there was a bigger/more detailed drawing of the bogie itself. This is with the intention of making a master for casting in resin at 1/32 scale as my friend Dave has started on one of these magnificent wagons in 1/32 scale.


    Any suggestions or info gratefully received.

  2. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    Yes, I have drawings. PM me your email and I will send you everything I have.
  3. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer



    These might help, the last page has loads of links to all types of bogie, as you can see there are quite a few examples of Y25 to choose from so finding the exact one to match the Polybulkers might be a grind. As a hint to searching use 'skizze' which is German for drawing or 'drehgestelle' which is German for bogie, that will give you better hits than the English language equivalent. The bogie page does not have direct links to the large drawings, to do that you need to use google to find the large images hidden within the site as the bogie web page auto sizes small to suit the web page but there are no hyperlinks to the larger images stored elsewhere.

    Edit, beaten to it by Phil....who I'm sure already sent me the same info...but darned if I can find them now, of course they're stored somewhere safe! So safe I've forgotten....found them LOL

  4. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    I bet that's a bit of a beast!!! :thumbs: :bowdown:
    Yes - Post more Pics!!! :D
  5. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Looks very interesting Simon.:thumbs:.

    I will look forward to the progress on this. Especially the casting ;).

    Also it might spur Phil on to more progress (with pics ) of his Polybulks:D

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  6. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad


    Thanks very much for your offer Phil and thanks for those great links Mick.

    I have printed off a drawing and some pictures and we now have all the info we need:thumbs:

    I will update the thread with pictures as it happens, Dave is going to make the pattern so I will post the information off to him ahead of our next "meeting" probably the first week of the new year.

    Thank you again for the help and Phil for offering to send stuff.


    PS Please could someone shunt this into the 1/32 section.
  7. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    Done :thumbs:
  8. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer

    Simon, your welcome. Just check you get the right variant, the links I sent were a quick scan on the web and may not be the exact Y25 variant for the Polybulker, just depends how accurate you want to be, 'all Y25's are equal but some are more equal than others' LOL.
  9. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    .................just as long as they are hauled by a 'hoover' then no problems:thumbs:

    Oh that I had the space for 1/32.


  10. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Just as a matter of interest Simon, why the Polybulk?. How many do you plan to do?.

    Interesting project though.:thumbs:

  11. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Ah no, it's not me, it's a friend Dave Easto who has a supremely "scattergun" approach to his modelling projects.

    I'm very happy to say that he is currently "exploring" G1 and sees my track as a useful testing ground:)

    Who knows where it might lead?

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  12. adrian

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    Eminently qualified - has he joined this forum?
  13. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    Well my scatter gun approach my get me back to Polybulkers over the Christmas holidays :thumbs: