1:32 Yorkshire Engine Co JANUS kit

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    Alistair of ALDPrint, whom some of you will have seen exhibit his BR Class 02 at Gauge 1 North, has used lockdown time to prototype a Yorkshire Engine Co steelworks JANUS.


    Alistair was lucky to have access to original plans sent to him during lockdown by Pete Briddon whom latterly ran YEC. Janus is the double-faced Roman god of openings and transitions, who faces both the past and the future. In theory, it's two Class 02s bolted together, though with electric transmission rather than hydraulic. But in practice, only the lifting eyes and air filters turned out to be the same.
    The model has Walsall wheels and buffers, and Fosworks RC and sound. Alistair hopes to have one running during May.

    YEC built 102 Janus locomotives, some 20 remaining in use well over their 50th birthday, and as you see from Oxford Models 00 Gauge options, there are plenty of liveries.

    Alistair can be contacted at alistair@aldprint.co.uk and, if there is enough interest, will make this lockdown project available.
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