1/32nd North Devon layout, Hatherleigh Junction

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    A quick introduction. Having been a fan from childhood in the mid to late sixties of the Western Region diesel hydraulic locos, they were always going to feature in any model railway I was going to build. I particularly like the products of the ill fated North British Locomotive. Co including the Scottish Class 21/29's.

    I had been dabbling in OO gauge and had written a couple of articles for BRM on kit bashing NBL's. As a result of these, I got to know the now famous maestro of loco and carriage 1/32nd models, Fred Phipps. After seeing the quality of work he had done on his Class 22 model I was hooked. Fred and I met up with Mr Tiger Viking and Rob, they also became hooked, both making a couple of superb layouts for their Fred locos, one of which goes on the road, Worcester Road.

    I had bought some locos off Fred and wanted a layout to run them on. Trevor Hale had also been constructing a 1/32nd layout based on Torrington in Devon, but he wanted to off load it. All it needed was scenery, so I took it off his hands, that was in 2005 and I am still adding the scenery! I named the layout Hatherleigh Junction, supposing that there had been a line, built to mainline standards, between Okehampton and Barnstable via Torrington, with a branch to Halwill Junction from Hatherleigh. This line would connect with the LSWR line from Exeter to Plymouth.

    Fred and I worked together on producing a 1/32nd kit of a Class 21/29, so Hatherleigh Junction goes Scottish every so often. Oh, for a Class 20 in 1/32nd to go with the 21/29's. One day hopefully.

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    Welcome to the WT club, and what a fantastic first post.

    Can I please ask you to start a layout thread and provide loads more details of the layout, stock.....well, everything really.

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    Hello & welcome :).....always nice to have another North Devon Hydraulic fan aboard ! :cool:

    Phill :thumbs:
  4. Simon

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    What an absolutely fabulous entry into western Thunder:thumbs:

    Hatherleigh Junction looks better than ever and with the stock on it - Wow!

    I'm really pleased you have joined us Bob, and as a result feel even more determined to progress my own imaginary bit of the West Country:)

    I'm meeting up with Andrew Vines later on this afternoon for a bit of hydraulic action on his new garden room train set, so I'd better get sticking those check rail chairs on right now if I'm going to achieve anything useful today:rolleyes:

    Welcome indeed!

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    Hydraulics in North Devon :thumbs: , that brings back memories, more images please .
  6. Ressaldar

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    Hi, welcome, looks great, please keep posting progress photos.


  7. NBL M.A.N

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    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for your kind comments about my layout, please say hi to Andrew for me. Hopefully, we can have a running day soon, but you and Andrew are always welcome to come over to see the layout.

  8. NBL M.A.N

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    Hi Richard,

    I try to spend more time model making than being on the computer, but will keep you updated on developments and I will keep sending photos.

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    Fantastic stuff. Worcester Road was behind me at the recent Southampton show and was an absolute delight. 1/32 is at completely the opposite end of the modelling spectrum for me but I always love to see it. Keep the pictures coming.

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    Very nice like it alot
  11. taliesin

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    Welcome, what a wonderful layout you have, truly stunning, cheers Rob
  12. Andrew Campbell

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    Oh heck! I'm having a hard enough time making a proper start in 7mm. Why does someone come along with modelling of this superb quality in 1:32 and tempt me to change scale?
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  13. 40126

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    Welcome NBL man. :thumbs:

    Nice pics BTW.

    +1 :thumbs:

    Hope you took your camera with you, Simon ?. :rolleyes:

    Steve :cool:
  14. Mr Tiger Viking

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    Hi Bob
    Welcome to WT I see you have allready had some very favourable comments and quite right to.
    It's good to have another fellow 1/32nd Modeller and Worcester Road driver on WT. I look foward to some more postings/ updates from deepest North Devon station Hatherliegh Junction.
    Mr TV
  15. iploffy

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    Do as we all do don't give up as it costs more money
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  16. Jordan

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    A belated welcome from me :thumbs:
    That must be one huge layout!! Gotta love the last pic in particular, of D6309. :bowdown:
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    Welcome from me too:thumbs:
  18. SteveO

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    Fantastic! I'd love to see more of the layout and find out how big it is. Do you have a trackplan you could post?
  19. NBL M.A.N

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    Hi SteveO,

    Glad you like the photos, the layout will be 34 foot long when finished, including a traverser at each end.