2mm Supermeet at Chelford - 19th May 2018

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  1. 2mm Andy

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    Apologies for the rather short notice, but the 2mm Scale Association is holding a Supermeet & Skills Day at Chelford this Saturday, 19th May. Opening times are 10 til 4 (ish) and admission is £5. The event is open to all.

    The venue is Chelford Village Hall, Chelford, Macclesfield, SK11 9AS

    The following attractions will be attending;

    Layouts (in various stages of completion);
    • Callaton - Mick Simpson
    • Modbury - Ian Smith
    • Annedale Town - Brian Hume
    • Holywell Town - Adrian Cherry
    • Glencruitten - Angus Higgens
    • Gomersall Town - Steve Dunkeyson
    • Hayle North - Andy Carlson
    • Nigel Hunt - Loco building
    • John Aldrick - Coach building
    • Andy Hanson - wagon building
    • Keith Armes - track design/building
    • Allen Doherty - soldering
    Diamond Jubilee Layout Challenge display

    • Worsley works - loco/coach 'scratch aid' etches
    • N Brass Locos (Nick Tilston) - N gauge kits and detailing parts
    • Bradford Finescale (Edward Sissling) - tools and modelling supplies
    • Nigel Hunt - 2mm loco kits and detailing parts
    • 2mm Scale Association Central Shop
    • 2mm Scale Association 'Bring & Buy' stand (cash only)
    Tea, coffee, sandwiches and light lunches will be available.

    The venue is a short walk from Chelford railway station, and there is a decent-sized car park adjacent to the venue.

    If anyone has any questions regarding the above, I'll do my best to answer them.

  2. Ian Smith

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    Modbury is all ready for loading into the car tomorrow, although most of it hadn't been "unpacked" from the Epsom show. However one of the main boards has received a little TLC in the form of 3 new point actuators - new brass square tube replacements of the styrene originals, these revised under-board gubbins have a lot less stiction/friction than their predecessors so hopefully I won't suffer any issues with sticky points on Saturday.
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  3. adrian

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    Blimey you're keen - I've still got half a dozen things on the to-do list before I can even contemplate packing!

    I will be interested in seeing your solution for the point actuator. I've just been hooking up all my actuators and have used styrene tube. Most I have been able to get working ok. I've noticed they aren't that friction free, the only one I can't get working is one of the catch points. There is just too much friction but I haven't got time to fix it so it will just be locked in position.
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  4. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith Western Thunderer

    Hi Adrian, not so much keen as most of the layout hadn't been unpacked since the Epsom show, so really just a matter of bolting the scenic boards face-to-face and re-packing my "travelling trunk" to make sure that I'd put the controllers, power supply, etc back in.
    I'll try to remember to take a couple of photos of my under-board gubbins before I pack it up to save you scrambling about under the layout on Saturday :)

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  5. adrian

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    Cheers - after this last couple of weeks it'll be good to have a good natter and social with people. I hope they've stocked up with tea bags as I'll need to feed my addiction. I'm tempted to bring my tea tankard!
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  6. 2mm Andy

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    I often wonder if we ought to provide angled mirrors under the layouts at these events - there is almost as much interest in wiring and control systems as the railway stuff on top. David Long's 'Ashton Fold' layout (which won't be making the trip to Chelford being as David is currently on Vancouver Island!) spent quite a bit of time tipped on it's back at the Perth 2mm Supermeet last month!


    I've just started sorting out bits and pieces for my demo. I'll pack an emergency supply of teabags for Adrian, but I'm told that the catering is in safe hands. Looking forward to an enjoyable day on Saturday.

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  7. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    I don't think mine is quite in the same league for being neat and tidy but quite happy to do the same. I've got a couple of servo units so I can demonstrate a working MERG CBus system.
    The challenge is set - this is my tea cup
    tea cup - 1.jpg

    My wife bought it me as a joke one year for father's day - but the laugh is I use it regularly, a full 3 pints of tea. :D :D :D
    Me too! Despite my initial reservations about demonstrating I'm really looking forward to a good social event.