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    Good evening,

    Here's an introduction to my latest project in 2mmFS, an extract of Thurso Scotland. The idea was originally conceived some 6 years ago as an addition to Kyle, not neccasarily to allow through running (as the lines weren't connected) but to balance each other and give two differing terminus scenarios. The original sketches show this as another box file layout:

    And a mock up was built in 1mm white card as this:
    However, this was shelved and only resurrected recently having exhibited Kyle twice this year and realising that small layouts can draw a lot of interest as well as be be fun to build. The idea is to build it as a stand alone layout by connecting onto the other end of the Kyle Fiddleyard but working within the same criteria to allow eventual exhibiting as a whole. Some of the rolling stock will be used however the locos will be selected to match those that visited Thurso. Initial sketches a few weeks ago looked at three options before I decided option 3 was the most interesting and would be a good counterpoint to Kyle:
    Options 1 and 2 would also have meant they had the same view point as Kyle and as such could not clip onto the other end of the Fiddle yard, hence option 3 being favoured. I also decided to drop the bay platform as the first mock up was too crammed with track. With this in mind and having had last week off work for half term with the family, I gave myself a day to make a 1:1 mock up to test the idea:
    I image.jpeg



    Overall I was happy with the mock up and I can use it to test further ideas including uncoupling positions, the back scene, lighting etc. My youngest son felt uncomfortable with the view into the train shed so I added the other side of the roof this weekend which has improved this:
    It also allows views into the train shed through the side, which will be a transparent glass wall, the roof light and the end.
    Fraser also questioned the side letterbox viewing slot so I am contemplating removing this and continuing the surrounding border as per Kyle which will also show more of the train shed:
    Lastly, some thoughts on the back scene which has changed over the years - I might try something that Richard (Ben Alder) has used on his 4mm layouts to photograph some rolling stock and set this against a background. This may help portray the yard too:
    That's about where I am at present - turnout kits have been ordered and I will start the baseboards as soon as I can.

    Comments welcome as per always,

    Thanks, Pete
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    Very impressive Pete :thumbs:

    Steve :cool:
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    Looking good, I think the revised version will work better, especially with the roof on, to help viewers understand the scene. The first version was a bit too disjointed and it may not have been obvious that it was a terminus station with an overall roof. I have been trying to find my photos of Thurso but they have gone AWOL, found Wick but it is not quite the same.


    Edit: meant to add, shouldn't this be a distillation rather than an extract?
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    Hi very nice Pete look forward to more
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    Thanks Steve...

    Thanks Fraser - yes, I think the first version was perhaps a bit too fussy - that's the benefit of the mock up, not getting too precious about changing it rather than hacking around the finished product...like our day job ;)

    Distillation...like it...:)

    Thanks also John - been back at work this week which has managed to extinguish all the mojo however the new 2mmFS turnout kits I ordered arrived so if I can get the baseboards sorted in the next few weeks, they could become a Christmas project :thumbs:
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    The new turnout kits are superb aren't they I've just been talking to Alan Smith and he's just done another kit
    He showed me the 4f converted to 2mm and the new tender wheels which should be out soon .I was in his workshop the other week the amount of things he's doing for 2mm just amazing very clever
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    Hi John - yes, I haven't opened my kits yet but looking through the packet at the contents inside they look great - I struggle with the common crossing usually so am hoping that this will go a bit smoother this time around for me... image.jpeg
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    Looking at one today with the bits in between the crossing V blacked you couldn't tell it was a one piece part it looked great
    Very impressed
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    Despite being busy at work of late I grabbed a couple of hours earlier to update the mock up with a few mods...namely the fascia as outlined on the sketch above. I think it looks a lot cleaner and less fussy like this. The station platform has also been cut back and red dots positioned where I think I will need uncoupling magnets which will use the same push in/retractable sticks as per KoL.
    Finally to check the overall composition with the Fiddle yard, a quick lick of the same grey paint to tie it together. A few pics here:

    Overall composition...
    Mods to platform...cut back 50mm...
    Train shed revealed...glass wall and roof light will allow views in...
    Red dots represent uncoupling positions...
    Grey painted fascia ties it all together...

    Comments welcome...

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    Hi Pete it looks good to me at the moment I'm trying to find someone in Kent who can laser cut some baseboards for me
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  11. BCN-Pete

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    Thanks John - hope to see your project on here soon...
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    I really like the note book sketch's, and the presentation.
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    Many thanks Paul...
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    Just playing some catch up on latest moves with the layout.

    Having pondered for a while I wasn't convinced on the end treatment of the shed and the 'thinness' of the goods shed.

    The mock up allows mods to happen without being too precious about it, so the track plan was redone by reducing the width of the platform which has allowed another siding through the goods shed increasing its width in the process.

    The station end has also been reconfigured and I now have a cantilevered corner fascia to mimic the Kyle layout end. I will use a Perspex side with windows etched on to complete the shed and support the roof.

    Am a lot happier about it now and may start it soon...the layout criteria appears to fit within the MRJ cameo layout competition...nothing like a deadline to help things :eek:

    A few pics...

    Sketch of new track plan and shed treatment...
    Cantilevered corner and Perspex viewing slot...
    Goods shed width allows the door to be modelled...
    37414 engaged in some shunting...
    Hopefully more depth now with this arrangement...

    Comments welcome as usual...;)

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    All looks good :thumbs:.

    If you haven't already seen this web site it worth checking out - Am Baile. It is dedicated to Highland History and Culture and contains a wealth of historic photographs including transport and the Highland Railway. From what I recall I believe there are also photographs of Thurso.
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  16. BCN-Pete

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    WoW - Great link - Many thanks Dave - there is some great reference material I hadn't seen before for both Thurso and Kyle...
  17. Geoff

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    What a cracking thread Pete, I've looked at modelling Thurso myself, mind you that was light years ago when the only suitable motive power was a Minitrix Class 27!

    I too, found your notes and ideas regarding presentation very interesting, in fact the whole project is certainly very inspirational. How I wish I were 20 years younger, with keen eyesight, and able to take advantage of the excellent components that are now available in 2mm finescale.

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  18. BCN-Pete

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    Many thanks indeed Geoff.
    Must admit my eyesight is not what it used to be and I have since had laser surgery - still need close up specs to muddle through what I am doing :)) It was a toss up between Wick and Thurso which are both very modelable but Thurso won on track layout I recall...
  19. BCN-Pete

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    It's the old Thurso scheme but here's a look a what the full Thurso and a Kyle set up would look like - the cantilevered Kyle corner repeated at the Thurso end.

    Right...time to start drawing out the baseboard designs for laser cutting...
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    Afternoon all - work has been progressing on the laser cut boards - first some sketches to help me get my head around the construction and then drawn out in CAD so I can hopefully use the studio laser cutter this week...3mm ply is the most probable material this time...

    Wire in tube will be as Kyle - 90 degrees through backscene...
    Probably use the same lights too but smaller sections hidden in fascia....
    Sequencing in prior to tab locations...
    Drawn out in CAD in different colours to help my understanding...
    Then arranged on the template which is the maximum size of the laser bed...

    I am hoping that it will fit together as a dry assembling to begin with and then wood glue PVA to complete it.

    More soon...
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