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    Well here goes with my first topc on this Forum. Can I just say thanks to every one for such a warm welcome on the new members topic. Ok, things you'll expect to see on here, hopefully on a regular basis, work and family commitments aside will be models based around 1950's LNER/BR Steam in Yorkshire, mainly the East Riding. At the minute i'm researching material for a layout based in the fair City of Hull, probably a Dockside come timber yard setting and building stock for said project. Could be a long and drawn out affair, plus the wife wants a third addition to the family :headbang:

    Onto my current project which I have mentioned on the new member topic. This will be a mainly scratch built ( apart from the too hard to do bits :laugh: ) W.Wordsell class L or LNER J73 0-6-0 tank engine. There were only ten built and they mainly worked around the Tyne and Hull Docks. They look a lot like the J71's and J72's but were much bigger all round. The picture below is of 68361, the particular engine i'm building and is taken from Mick Nicholson's private collection, thanks to him for that. Incidently Mick Nicholson will also be building a J73 at the same time and it fair to say that without his expert guidance and knowlege I wouldn't be tackling it myself, he's the old one with the brains and i'm the ione with the youthful good looks :laugh:

    [attachment=0:2jza0455]68361 Alex Dock.JPG[/attachment:2jza0455]

    The process so far has been to research the class and for this I have used the little green RCTS Part 8B, Yeadons Register 43b, the LNER website and of course pictures and firsthand knowelege of the class from Mick Nich. We've aslo been to the NRM and used the search engine's facilities. I must say they were more than helpful. We have from them an A1 copy of the GA ( General Arrangemnet ) drawing and were handed by a man in white gloves several other original drawings incuding Pipe and Rod, tanks, cab and bunker drawings to photograph. It was a great feeling handling original drawings, I wonder what other draftsmen have looked over them in their time :shock: I hope to post some of these so you are able to see what i'm working with but still waiting for permission from the NRM. As for other components Laurie Griffin has a copy of the GA drawing and will hopefully be helping out and i'm open to any guidence from you all as to other parts.

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    I keep meaning to have a 'family weekend' in your to see the new library and try out search engine. I know there is the online version but its not possible to preview drawings :( All the Laurie Griffin parts I have used are excellent so you shouldnt go far wrong there.
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    If you get chance it' s definately worth a few hours in there. The set up is great, lots of books and also computers and microphosche readers to look at drawings. Not all the drawings I wanted were on microphische but ten minutes after I requested them they arrived from the archive for me to photograph. There's also a quite room which is partitioned off with glass walls to cut out noise from thr main Museum. The A1 copy of the GA drawing cost about a tenner so I was more than happy with the service. If you want a specific drawing I'd be happy to pop in and have a look for you, any excuse as I only live near by :D ,
    [attachment=0:zgimauzi]SMOKEBOX 1.JPG[/attachment:zgimauzi]
    One of the photographs showing the smokebox and blast pipe assembly etc..
    Regards Mick

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    I thought as it might be a while before I start maing good progress on the J73 i'd attach a picture of my current projects, two LNER brake vans. I'm a bit stuck at the minute though and wondered if anybody has a drawing or any good pitures of the underframe, in particuler the vacum cylider assembly?? The Slaters kit drawing doesn't show it as the later BR van didn't have one.


    Hopefully in the not too distant future I can replicate this view. Thanks again to Mick Nicholson for this picture of 68363 as Willmington Pilot.

    Best Regards Mick

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    Hi Mick, the GA's at ?10 are quite reasonable. Another source is Andy Edgeson (Isinglass) he has a few GA's for some of the locos that John didn't get around to drawing. I have just had a couple for a J52 that I have waiting in the wings at ?8 each for A0
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    It's a trip I really must make at some point as there's a few things I'd like to source. When you're scratchbuilding a loco a tenner for a GA is nothing really - the amount of time it saves having a decent drawing to work to, more than repays any costs. Is it just drawings from companies absorbed into BR or do they have industrial stuff as well? The reason I ask is another project on a back burner at the moment is a Sentinel 100hp and I'm trying to source a good GA drawing of it.
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    I always find it interesting to see the sort of prototype pictures that inspire other modellers; it helps to convey the 'vision' of what they want to achieve... :thumbs:
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    I couldn't find much on the underframe when I did my etched BV, the HMRS book is a good reference, I picked my copy up for eight quid.
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    From what Mick says it's a private photo which he has permission to use, otherwise it's a no. Anything from books magazines etc is under copyright.
    As to your own photographs, it very much depends on your preference. remember that this site is indexed by google and the images are viewable by anyone, and therefore capable of being copied by anyone!
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    The honest answer about the industrial drawings is I'm not sure?? I know there is a vast amount of archeive material and when searching for the J73 in the OCP list I could only find the GA. I was disapointed about the apparent lack of other drawings and he pointed me into a differnent section which concentrated on all things built by Darlington Works, there were all manor of things in there and I managed to find several other drawings of the J73 there. The best thing to do is pose the question via email ( they don't let you ring direct ), you usually get a reply within 24hrs. Try this search.engine@nrm.org.uk


    The vans were initially started about six months ago prior to my daugther being born and at the time I built them rigid. My view on this has now changed and I have another two to build which will be sprung, probably going to be an unfitted version and an LNER van without balance weights with a differnt lamp iron arrangement, I have a couple of good photos to use as reference. It would be helpful to see photo's of a sprung van if yours are built this way. At the minute the rigid ones are 'well weighted ' dpwn so hopefully running should be smooth or esle :shit: :laugh: I too have had trouble with the slater's balance weights, the one i've pictured will need some filling :headbang:

    Best regards Mick

    PS the pictures used are from Mich Nicholsons private collection with permission as suggested, thanks again Mick :thumbs:
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    :scratch: Still pondering the Vacum cylinder assembly, with the photo's I have and the help of the 'zoom' tool I may be able to make up a good representation and when all blacked out and well weathered it may be as difficult to see as the real thing and I may just get away with it :laugh: pictures to follow soon !!

    Just another quick question, anyone know of a good source for the early LNER lamps that were permanemtly fitted, the ones near the main body duct not the ones that could be removed depending on the train classification. There's a good picture in MRJ 187 but my spares box is sadly lacking at the minute,

    Thanks again to all replies, Mick
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    Hi Guv, :wave:

    Good points well made - I thought as much.

    I am happy to Post phots here as long as commercial organisation dont profit from them/take the micky, it's just a risk that one takes I guess. :scratch:

    Am I correct in thinking that the phtographer, as a rule, maintains the copyright for their own phots anyway. :scratch:

    Cheers Guv :thumbs:

    CME :wave:[/quote:qms620s4]
    I dont think anyone would profit as the resolution is too low for reproduction, its more someone passing them off as their own work etc
    I m not up on copyright law but yes I think you maintain copyright.

    I used the exactoscale Wirons on my BV and they work pretty well. Im not keen on the Slaters Wiron myself the springs are too much of a fiddle .

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    Hi Mick :wave:

    Thanks! :thumbs:

    I started to fit my Slaters BV with ridged 'W' Irons and then aquired some Bill Bedford sprung versions, so I have to work out how to get the (two) plastic ones off (on the one side - or I could have cross-axled the springing), I have used, very carefully, solvent, to remove similar before :scratch: :headbang: .

    I am really in the same boat as you and at the moment I am endeavouring to focus on the layout at the mo. I will Post some pictures when I get started on the BV again - yours prompted the questions you see :) ;)

    I thought that I would go the sprung route as it is quite a long - ridged - vehicle, is that your thinking too?

    As you say the weights are a real :headbang: :headbang: I have filed, fettled, filled etc. - all whilst endeavouring not to knock off bolt-head detail etc. :headbang: - it's shame as the rest of the model is pretty good, tempted to do a brass one next time with added detail :scratch: I have built - ready to be painted - a Slaters 'Shock Van' and whilst a little fiddley it has made up into a great model.

    Thanks on the infor for the phots too :thumbs:

    Cheers, :thumbs:

    CME :wave:[/quote]

    Hi CME,

    I share your fears about smooth running but i'm hoping if Im keep the road as level as possible the vans won't bump over joints. I fear it's too late for these vans as they are terminally rigid :headbang: , but the future builds hold better things :laugh: BTW I try and remove material on the balance weight at the veranda ends so that the bolt detail is not lost too much, this is still not ideal though,

    Cheers :thumbs: Mick
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    Welcome Mick...

    Hope you enjoy the new forum.. Looking forward to seeing the scratchbuild... Plenty of pictures please ! :thumbs:

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    Hi JB,

    I'm enjoying it very much, seems almost like less is more and easy to navigate round. i'll make sure I post plenty of pictures and hope to really start cracking on after Telford as thats where I should pick up most of the bits I need,

    Cheers for pointing me in the right direction, Mick :thumbs:
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    Hello to one and all,

    After what seems and eternity since I last posted on this thread I decided to get my finger out and get something done :)). Since my last post I have been frantically gathering parts for my J73; castings, motor/gearbox, hornblocks, N/S sheet and boiler tube. I have also joined the Scale 7 Society and the East Anglian Scale 7 group and have been picking lots of brains about the build. I would have got more done but when I made a start on the footplate I realised that I didn't have all the dimensions from the GA and other drawings that I needed. It's not all bad as it's a good excuse for me and my mate to have another day out at the NRM and a bite to eat and a few pints in York :)). Oh I also got the driving wheels reprofiled to S7 by Christopher Makepeace as I didn't want to mess them up as its the first S7 build and I've not attempted reprofiling before, what a great job he did as well. 


    Below is a picture of the boiler tube, the firebox end has been turned down slightly to allow an interference fit with the Laurie Griffin Boiler Faceplate, i'm hoping this will surve as a mounting to allow the boiler to be removed,


    I've also turned up some dummy axles and inserted some brass bar to the size of the crankpin bush i'm using to allow me to build the frames square with the coupling rods, the brass ends still need tiding up though  :headbang:


    Best regards Mick

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    I'm also on with a Connoisseur LNER Tube wagon, this will be my first true S7 build and is coming on well. I wanted to make a start on something easy prior to the J73 as a means to get my eye back in with the soldering  ;D. The body has taken quite a bit of time so far as all the strapping you can see are all individual etchs. The w-irons are Exactoscale with slaters wheel sets. Below you can see the body, solebars and head stocks. Still a fair bit to do but i'm really enjoying getting my eye back in with this one,



    Sorry about the photo quality, i'll try the next ones with the kitchen light on  :headbang:

    Best reagrds Mick  :wave:

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    And another thing whilst I have post fever. Anyone have suggestions about the surgery on these BV's. I have the slater's sprung w-irons on the bench to convert to S7 and finally finish them off but i'm not sure of the best way to get the old plastic ones off ??????

    Any help appreciated...............


    Best regards Mick 

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  19. Dog Star

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    What am I missing here - three wheelsets and four dummy axles?

    regards, Graham
  20. Ressaldar

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    Hi Mick,

    all looking good, nice idea to build the whole train at the same time.