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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by P A D, 3 February 2019.

  1. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    With the A3 and A4 substantially complete and the Standard 4MT ready for painting, I've been catching up on a few jobs that have needed attention.

    Some year's ago I built a Connesieur 4F for my brother Mick. Subsequently he inherited a ready built JM version, that was poorly constructed and ran like a dog. I completely dismantled and rebuilt it, in the process adding some scratch built injectors that were not included in the kit. I finally got around to adding the injectors to the Connesieur version. Here's the left hand side. 20190125_202831.jpg


    And the ones on the JM model. They are a representation only but pass muster tucked away behind the cab steps.

    The touching up of the paintwork will be done by Mick.

    As mentioned during the MOK 4MT build, I also built the DJB version some years ago which now belongs to Mick. As with the MOK kit, it did not include the ash pan operating lever, but one was source from Ragstone, that with a little modification suits the 4MT. Having put the one for Mick's loco on mine a second one was purchased. Here it is after shortening the lever and soldering to a bracket made from waste etch. This was then epoxied to the inside of the frame. On the left is the scratch built ash pan and cast lever from Laurie Griffin ready for fitting to Mick's Oakville Ivatt 2-6-2. 20190125_202959.jpg

    And with the respective models.

    Installed on the 4MT

    And the Ivatt.

    Finally a recent purchase to encourage me to keep the work bench tidier during building. It comes in flat pack form and you glue it together with PVA. The parts are laser cut and fit better than many etch kit parts, certainly better that the parts in the Oakville kit!

    That's three items on Mick's list ticked off. More to follow.

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  2. Yorkshire Dave

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    A bench top tool organiser is something really I need to invest in.... it may increase the working area from 10 to 20 sq cm. :)
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  3. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer

    Exceptionally unlikely ;)
  4. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    Desk organiser...


    You've lost me.
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  5. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer

    I can see plenty of space to work in, no need to tidy that at all :p

    Actually the stand Peter showed looks quite handy, sadly I know I'd not be disciplined enough to use it for it's intended use and the desk would no cleaner :oops:
  6. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    Yep, it is very handy but without discipline it all falls down. Whether it will help to keep my workspace tidy remains to be seen.

    What amazes me though, is starting with a clear workspace, how many tools can be on the bench after a few minutes work and seemingly little progress on the model has been made. Do some sort of reverse "borrowers" exist, who move tools from my box to the bench when I'm not looking? If I catch the little buggers! :rant:
  7. adrian

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    or try 2mmFS - 10 sq cms. is acres of space. :thumbs:
  8. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    The problem I get with workspace is when I work on buildings that are over 3' long. Very difficult moving it around and keeping access to multiple tools and all the other dross.
  9. Peter Cross

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    When I was in the building trade it always amazed me how long it took putting the kit back in the van at days end. After all I only ever took one box in each hand in the morning.
  10. michl080

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    Last Saturday, I have been missing a small piece of brass with four important parts for my current project. I knew it would be somewhere on my desk, so I decided to tidy up. I did so and actually enjoyed the view afterwards. Problem is, still didn't find that piece of brass. I fear that this might lower the likeliness to clean up soon again significantly.

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  11. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    Not if you leave only 4 tools in it!
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  12. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    Another job on my brother's list has been ticked off. He build this single car Derby Lightweight some time ago from a much modified Westdale kit. I did the spray painting and he did the brush work plus lining and lettering. He's been waiting for me to lacquer the body work weather the under frame. Here it is ready for him to glaze and finish off. 20190205_191138.jpg


    And a couple of close ups. A lot of the gubbins underneath is either modified kit parts of scratch built.

    Speedo with flexible cable on the bogie.

    The lining and cat's whiskers are from transfers and he's made a nics job of them.

    And the roof detail.

    And the cab at t'other end. The inside detail is all complete and painted, although Mick will need to brush paint the inside of the body before glazing. Unless of course they were grey inside, in which case the grey primer will do.

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  13. Terrysvr

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  14. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    Many thanks Terry.

    As I said though, my contribution has only been to airbrush the green paint and lacquer after the transfers. My brother Mick, did the donkey work.

    And in keeping with my desire to tidy up my work bench, I've been doing a bit of carpentry. Well in as much as cutting, drilling, gluing and screwing wood, is carpentry! I knocked up this drill bit stand for my jobber drills, which have been residing in little plastic bags since purchase and are a real pain getting in and out if the bags when needed. I didn't have a thick enough piece of wood o had to laminate two pieces, hence the need to glue and screw. Here it is after drilling and marking the holes for the bits. I drilled a hole for each side of bit 0.1mm larger than the bit so they would slot in and out easily. So the first hole for the 0.4mm bit was drilled 0.5 mm and so on.

    I've got drills from 0.4mm up to 3.1mm in increments of 0.1mm, purchased from DS Drill Services, after somebody on here mentioned them . I forget who it was but thanks for the heads up. Good products and good service. Between 0.4 and 1.2 mm I 've got 2 or 3 spares as these are the ones most likely to break, so they are still parked in the plastic bags. I took them outside in the stand and have them a must with WD40 to keep the rust a bay.

    I got my next kit now so I'll start another build thread.

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  15. JimG

    JimG Western Thunderer


    Watch out that your drill holder doesn't get damp. I did something similar many years ago for my small number drills but the outhouse where my workshop was sited tended to get a bit damp on occasion and the drills became quite tightly held in their holes. I think it was a mixture of the drill shanks rusting in the wood, and the wood expanding to make the holes smaller diameter.

  16. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    Good point Jim, but my work bench is in doors.
  17. Ian_C

    Ian_C Western Thunderer

    I've searched without success for a drill stand for drills this size. I might just copy you - thanks for the hint!
  18. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    You're welcome Ian. I did the same but found nothing suitable, so made my own.
  19. Pannier Tank

    Pannier Tank Western Thunderer

    I used to see M79900 on a regular basis at Bletchley Station when it worked Bletchley to Buckingham Trains. I also travelled on the last Buckingham to Bletchley Service with M79900. Happy Days.
  20. neaston

    neaston Member

    Love the tool holder. From whence did it come?