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    It's home made from two short lengths of wood as mentioned in the thread.

    Here's something else that may be of interest. They are called cup burrs and I found them by chance on the internet so got a couple to give them a try.
    They are used for tidying up the ends of wire after snipping with side cutters. The cups have "blades " on the inside that round off the end of the wire by inserting the wire and spinning the burr in a drill. I got them for rounding off BA brass screws after shortening.

    There are various sizes and I have the 2 3mm and 1.8mm but they go smaller than that. 2.3 mm will round off a 10BA but as yet I've not found any bigger that would do 8BA. The company is Cooksongold, no link but just Google them and they'll pop up.

    Moving on to adding weight to model locos, I purchased a few pounds of lead shot from a diving supplies shop recently as it's about half the price of "liquid lead" from modelling outlets. The idea was to put it into some sort of fabric tube, tie it off and insert into the boiler, in the case of my Gladiator Duchess. For the tube I decided to try a tubular finger bandage. First tie off one end. Then thread the open end onto a funnel and pour in the lead shot until full. Tie off the open end and thread into the boiler via the firebox. The below tube is about 6 inches long and weighs 2 pounds, which increased the weight of the loco to 4 pounds which should be plenty for it to pull a decent load. I'll bring it to Kettering and give a buzz around the test track.

    I'll be doing the same to the Finney A3 and MOK 4MT after painting. For the A4 j can add sheet lead into the boiler casing.
    Another finishing off job on the Duchess was to paint the balance weights on the driving wheels. The wheels were only chemically blackened and not sent over to Warren Haywood for painting with the rest of the model. The balance weights looked a bit brown compared to the rims so I've painted them with some Humbrol black 85, with a couple of drops of white added to make the black less intense.
    Any excuse to post pictures of the Duchess.:thumbs:

    That Mr. Haywood does a spray a nice drop (or two) of paint.
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    Misunderstanding there it was the work bench tidy that took my eye.
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    Sorry Nick.
    Got my wires crossed.
    I got it from always hobbies. They do a lot of useful and interesting stuff. The stand is made by Hobby Zone in Poland and they do a whole range of these things. Here a link to the tool stand.

    Hobbyzone Large Brushes and Tools Holder 42cm x 14cm

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    That one looks remarkably good value for money - nice though it is I'm not too sure about the ultimate organiser at £350 though
    Hobbyzone Ultimate Workstation Modular Unit
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    Nobody has that much stuff. Do they?
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    Thanks. Ordered one. Might be able to see the workbench now.