A Dumb (Buffered) S Scaler

Discussion in 'GB1. The 4 Plank or Greater Wagon Build' started by Rob R, 19 March 2018.

  1. Rob R

    Rob R Western Thunderer

    From the 1/64 world my contribution is a resin bodied 4 plank dumb buffered mineral wagon produced for the SSMRS some years ago.
    Also in the photo is a set of the new pre 1923 W- iron etches, the very new SSMRS Slaters split spoke wheels, 4 plastic sprues of springs, axle boxes and buffers produced for the SSMRS 1907 7 plank project and a pair of cast brass coupling hooks.
    I forgot to put the brake gear etch on the table so I'll do that next time.

    I have chosen this wagon for the Group Build as it is about as simple as a wagon can be so there should be a fair chance of finishing it in time.
    I've not sorted a livery yet but will probably be using the HMRS PO lettering when (if?) I get that far. 4 plank 01.jpg