A Garden Railway Pipedream: the odyssey continues

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Dikitriki, 7 August 2013.

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    Oooooh. Hell-lo. Venus di Milo?
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    Sorry if I've missed this but did you mention a spec. and supplier for the Cable Tray? Having looked at the various options for my garden I think your solution will be best for most of the areas away from the house and outbuildings.

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  3. Dikitriki

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    Hi Andrew,

    My cable trays came from DP Building Systems. 3 metres long, 225mm wide, medium duty.

    Unistrut Medium Duty Cable Tray 225MM X3M Pre-Galvanised (TUMLT225/10PG) Medium Duty Cable tray comes in different heights : 24, 48, 72, 96 mm Cable tray comes in different heights : 24, 48, 72, 96 mm

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    It was only Clive and I on duty today in the garden; everyone else was on holiday or otherwise occupied.

    We nevertheless managed to bolt down the 5 boards nearest the camera, and lay out and cut the 3 transition curve boards.


    Yep, happy with that.

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    We've still been working one day a week on the garden railway, notwithstanding the preparations for Telford. I haven't taken photos after every session, but have after yesterday's efforts.

    We have continued round the almost 250 degree curve round the left hand flower bed, part of which is at ground level - I shall need to build a bridge of some sort to take the mower over and generally give access - and worked our way round to the problem we knew we would have....




    The last 2 boards have just been placed in position as we know we will need to remove them for access tomorrow.

    The problem is the raised beds. We hoped we would either a) be above them, or b) just be inside them. In truth we expected to hit them, and are only about 6 '' out from where the original survey placed the boards. After discussion with the garden management committee (of 1:) ), it has been established that we can leave the bottom poles in situ, and then cut the interfering parts of the 2 top poles off. We have to finish the resultant triangle off with one of the cut-off sections so it looks nice. All sounds fine......It's not, as bolted on the inside, and sure to be in the way, are brackets holding the upper and lower poles together and staking them to the ground. So a lot of work ahead tomorrow:)

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    Excellent stuff. I cant help thinking it looks like some sort of slow exposure photography of a small and brightly lit UFO zipping around your garden ,
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    Whilst I take in the wonders of the newly laid track bed, my wife was more concerned about what your neighbours think !

    I think there is some truth in that " Venus and Mars " saying .

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    Hi Martyn,

    The railway is in the bottom half of the garden - very little is visible for either neighbour. It does look very stark at the moment but it will all pull together when the boards are painted and track is on. I ordered a couple of nice little garden bridges yesterday so we can span the tracks at ground level.

    It looks to be a sunny if cool day today so we should make good progress, maybe even get as far as the one end of the viaduct.

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    Any right thinking neighbour would surely now want one of their own.
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    or a branch line off of it:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
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    Just take Buster Keaton's approach to track laying.
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  13. Dikitriki

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    It was quite a hard day, but all went well with the landscape design adjustments, and by mid-afternoon, we had finished:



    and by close of play, normal service had been resumed.


    Mind you, it would have helped if Clive had remembered today was Saturday.....or was that a ploy to miss the heavy labour:)

  14. Dikitriki

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    We had a dodge the showers day yesterday. The only hot and sunny period coincided with Roger's arrival - I draw no conclusions......

    We did manage to progress the top boards through the raised bed, and I think we have one more post and board to complete this section before we get to the viaduct.



    Not much clearance following the rebuilding of the top poles on the raised bed:)


    You can see the loop round the second bed in the distance. The intention is that the viaduct is on a very slight curve and will join up with boards on the outside of the existing loop before working it's way up the fence to join the loop round the ash tree giving us a continuous run.

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  15. Dikitriki

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    We are still taking advantage of the good weather to progress the infrastructure of the line.

    We have got as far as the start of the viaduct the one end.


    This break point also means that we can start to lay some track working backwards from this point. I still have to carve the stone in relief on the moulds for the viaduct, so it's probably unlikely that the casting will be done this year.

    We have also started working back laying the top boards on the curve towards the ash tree.


    The garden had an unused and rampant out-of control bed by the fence at the far end, and this has been cleared to give an area for benches, steam up and stock storage.


    The blackthorn needs to go too, but the chainsaw was u/s when the bed was cleared and it will be removed in the next couple of weeks. the pegs were just approximately placed to give me an idea of how many more scaffold poles I need to order. We've used more than originally anticipated due to the reduced centres between them to tie in with the backer-boards size, and we used poles all the way round whereas the original plan called for a couple of concrete base areas.


    Looking up the garden, the near wooden stakes and the 2 high poles mark the curve from the end of the viaduct and up the fence, to join eventually with the ash tree return curve, while the stakes continuing down the fence show the rough line to the steam up bay and sidings.

    And from the top of the garden, the curve to the viaduct and the cleared area.


  16. Dikitriki

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    It's Thursday.....must be update time on the outside line:)

    We were lucky again with the weather yesterday, even if it was jackets and jumpers temperature. We split into two groups, one on baseboards, and the other on posts and jacks. We worked out that we had gone slightly wrong using the template rather than the radius rod towards the ash, so had to backtrack a little bit and rework 3 boards. We started off by properly locating the section at the ash tree and worked backwards towards the last board we were happy with. In fact the radius is still over 10ft so that's OK. We are still a little close to the root, so we will trim it back slightly on Saturday, and probably raise the whole layout by a couple of cm to give us a bit more wriggle room.



    The bridge will be raised on a base to give height clearance. It's light enough to move, but wide enough to take the mower and garden wheely bin.

    On to the post and jack party (bit like vicars and tarts, but for sad old train enthusiasts gits), we have now gone round the curve as far as the last post before the viaduct - a pretty significant moment.


    Looking backwards, you can see the curve up the garden - apart from the steam up/stock area, there will be no straight lines.



    From beyond the ash tree, you can see pretty much the whole of the layout. The steam up/storage area is from pointwork off the main line bottom right.

    We have another day in the garden Saturday - forecast is quite good - and are going to put down a few pieces of track to have a play. I hope Tim will have sound chipped my BR78 by then so we can test it out:)


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    Excellent progress Richard, I look forward to giving the Castle a good run round :)
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    That must be nearly the full circuit now?

  19. Dikitriki

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    Indeed. All the posts are in for the full circuit. the 16 ft (or so) gap in front of the apple trees is the space for the viaduct.

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    How many metres of track is needed?

    Ian G