7mm A new loco.

Discussion in 'WR Action' started by Prairie Tank, 13 July 2019.

  1. Prairie Tank

    Prairie Tank Western Thunderer

    Mrs PT was really disappointed that, due to her work, she could not attended the Alvechurch show, so to cheer her up I bought her one of these as a surprise...…………..


    John :)
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  2. Osgood

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    You do realise that, in all probability, at some stage this cheap Plastic RTR stuff just ain't going to cut the mustard - and then the expectation will drift upwards to high-end brass creations. And you've unwittingly given her a sniff of these already...... :eek:
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  3. 76043

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    I've been tempted by one of those to run with my 08, creating some sort of silly BR/LT layout, as I've had the Red Panniers books for years. Thankfully, I have resisted so far....

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  4. Prairie Tank

    Prairie Tank Western Thunderer

    Stop resisting Tony ;) These are wonderful models, great value for money, run very smoothly and spares are easy to get so should be good for many years.

    John :)
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  5. Prairie Tank

    Prairie Tank Western Thunderer

    LOL, alas she has already nabbed my Masterpiece Castle, apparently all of 'our' O gauge fine scale now belong to her because I am "a traitor" now that I have had some converted to Scale 7 :eek::D

    John :)
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  6. JohnG

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    A Traitor !!, Without doubt a lady of high standing and a result of a upright moral upbringing and good taste, while you say 'why compromise' she will simply say 'Why?'

    Great to chat yesterday, glad the butterflies didn't get you. What a cracking little show, in a wonderful venue. Bacon sandwiches and tea for £2.50, including a health(er) option, stunning, can't wait till next year!, might bring a layout and a trolley (for the sandwiches) and all for a good cause too boot.

    Faultless, congrats to all concerned.

    Take it steady, best regards, John :thumbs:
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  7. Prairie Tank

    Prairie Tank Western Thunderer

    Totally agree, the show was fantastic, I even managed to get an HUGE packet of bacon for £4 (which is now not quite so huge). Mrs PT is booking next years show day as a holiday so she can come, she may well bring one or two of her many loco's to run.

    John :)
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