Abbot's Mead

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  1. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Alway's wanted a small detailed layout in O gauge so l have started one and here's one of the point's l will be using with Peco chair's etc etc.. DSC05385.JPG DSC05386.JPG

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  2. Jinty

    Jinty Western Thunderer

    Your point work looked very nice yesterday, this will make a lovely little layout.

    David ;)
  3. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    Nice to see you posting over here George, you will soon find its your turn to forum.

    Have you a track plan?

    Will be following closely.
  4. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Thanks for the encouraging remarks guys been busy ballasting ...
  5. Focalplane

    Focalplane Western Thunderer

    Good to see you have joined us, George. Your pointwork looks good, it's what I should have done and may yet do once I get my layout up and running and decide to upgrade the station throat. And that would be just the start!

  6. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Realised l have put 'Abbot's Mead' in the wrong section so l have put it in the Layout Progress section......
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  7. adrian

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    Don't worry about it - I'm not going to get stressed about it. There is no such thing as the "wrong section" if you're making stuff and posting it to help others or let us know what you are up to then any section is the right section in my book. :thumbs:
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  8. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    Thank's Adrian...
  9. georgeT

    georgeT Western Thunderer

    l have put 'Abbot's Mead' into the layout progress forum from now on...
  10. NHY 581

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