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  1. oldravendale

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    I've been digitising a collection of slides for my friend Tim Mills who has generously given me free access. Copyright remains with him.

    This is a shot he took when in Aberdeen to photograph the A4s, I estimate around 1963. It strikes me as a photo full of character and one of those shots which Yorkshire Dave might enjoy. The cars and buses tell a story........


    img719 Aberdeen  FINAL  JPEG - 1000dpi Copy.jpg
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  2. mickoo

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    Brian, do you have any of the northern approaches to the station, through the terrace gardens etc, this area has always struck me as a good candidate for a layout with the differing elevations and ground contours, as well as the turntable partially under the park above.

  3. oldravendale

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    Regrettably no, Mick - I wish Tim had taken more of the geography of the places he visited but this is the only one in several hundred photos of locos and trains - most of them quite magnificent.

  4. Yorkshire Dave

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    They do.

    Looking into the photo there are several noticeable items. Namely the lack of excess clutter which plagues our streets today; i.e. litter, extraneous road markings, delivery lorries, delivery vans, private cars (most of them in the photo are taxis), ugly road signs and street lamps, railings to herd pedestrians, etc.
  5. Dan Randall

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    Well said Dave - I wish our towns and cities still looked like this. Perhaps it's one if the reasons I love watching old British films so much?


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  6. adrian

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  7. Bob Reid

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    Things haven't changed that much....
    Oops that was 60 odd years earlier...

    Traffic is even less, now it's pedestrianised...
    Castle St.PNG

    Much like the rest of Union Street in the distance, the Castlegate area is full of unused shops and banks and pretty much anything else, though the Mercat Cross survives amongst fashionable bars (and no pot holes) and the Sheriff Court is as busy as ever!

    Apparently the bus on the left (RRG 293) is a Daimler CVG6 with an Alexander's body...
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  8. simond

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    Like most of the rest of Britain, full of unused shops & banks :(

    Actually, I reckon there’s a couple of bits of litter in the earlier shots, but I haven’t spotted any in the more recent one. There’s no sign of horse doings in the shot with horse cabs. Are roses popular in Aberdeen? :)

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  9. JimG

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    That brings back memories. I used to visit Aberdeen quite regularly when "on the road" in Scotland in the 70s - always a good city to go to. There was an excellent, small tool shop where I got my 1" M&W micrometer and a really good tobacconist with a huge range of products to attract me in my smoking days. :)

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