Access to the centre of larger layouts

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Richard Spoors, 26 March 2020.

  1. Richard Spoors

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    I have come across a novel method to avoid crawling on hands and knees to get to the centre of an oval layout. This is from Germany and uses lateral motion actuators designed for height adjustable sit/stand desk legs.

    I haven't seen anything similar here in the UK.

    Any experience out there?


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  2. simond

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    there’s a chap on RMWeb, Anthony Ashley, who is building a magnificent model of the Conwy - Bangor bit of the LNWR in N gauge. It’s quite astonishing in ambition & sheer scope, and well worth seeking out.

    He has addressed the problem using counterweights and a similar vertical slide, made in wood, using commercial drawer runners, I believe. I have filed the idea away for future use, sincerest form of flattery, etc. I’m not sure where the description is, but his thread starts here;

    North Welsh Coast Railway - Welsh Dragon Rail

    I recall that when raised, Anthony’s “drawbridge” prevents trains plummeting to their doom by simply blocking off the ends of the baseboards.

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