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Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by PMP, 20 September 2011.

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    F73897A2-B4A0-4EB3-946B-FBEF6428323D.jpeg Playing with some new vans this evening, fresh finished off the shelf of doom, five year residents I think!
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  3. PMP

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    I’ve been working over some Heljan 4mm Hymeks this week, adding the numbers with Shawplans etched set. 22 individual etches per loco. Not been swearing much, (surprisingly)
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    I remember talking with you about this at Warley in 2006, Paul.

    I still haven't done anything with my set of etchings!
  5. PMP

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    46F55967-5547-4DA0-A9D5-71B89CD50A72.jpeg @Captain Kernow I’m using the infamous Johnson’s Klear floor polish which dries pretty quickly. Once the etches have grabbed, I use a hair dryer gently wafted over it and it cures the varnish faster. Once set an overspray with satin or matt varnish will blend the high gloss into the overall body colour. Pictured above is one of the three starting the weathering.
    2006, blimey that’s a while on the shelf of doom!
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    Quite pleased after a couple of days messing about, four locos off the shelf of doom and within a couple of hours of completion. The three Hymeks have had laser glazing and individual numbers fitted, and the 25 glazed, and numbered in preparation for weathering. All four had been sitting round waiting for a ‘get to it’ moment, and last week have some opportunities to do some work whilst not dedicating significant time to them.
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    Snatched glance through the trees 774B6788-806A-4F9F-A2EA-2443C0F050CE.jpeg
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    7F13EE48-BD7F-4557-9943-91975AE3E12D.jpeg In an epic moment of stupidity I ordered and fitted numbers for 74xx 7442, for this Bachmann conversion of a 64xx to a late 74. I should have ordered 7444.


    However, my references tell me 7442 was shedded for a short while at Carmarthen, so my head tells me that’s ok until 7444 plates arrive, that one almost a life long resident at 87G
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    A recently found image not used in OPC’s ‘Railway Elegance’ ....

    These Hymeks do come up well!
  10. PMP

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    Just moving things around checking sight lines for Shelfie3

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    Well, that looks promising.....