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  1. Alan

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    A pics I took acouple of years ago in the Ben Ashworth style, a recreation of that Famous one taken fom a tree.
    Ben Ashworth5B&WF.jpg
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  2. Jordan

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    As I count myself a Ben Ashworth fan too, with several of his books in my collection, for me "that Famous one taken from a tree" doesn't actually narrow it down that much.....:rolleyes: :D :thumbs:

    I know why I sold my Bachmann Berry Wiggins tankers (the Set of Three)... 'cos I'm never going to return to 4mm UK-outline, nor build a Forest of Dean layout. :( I have a suspicion they're not strictly accurate for the prototype....
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    I know why I sold my Bachmann Berry Wiggins tankers (the Set of Three)... 'cos I'm never going to return to 4mm UK-outline, nor build a Forest of Dean layout. :( I have a suspicion they're not strictly accurate for the prototype....
    04598fac.jpg [/quote]

    Yes, you're right about the Bachmann versions being not strictly correct:thumbs: However they do look the part.

    That was one of the reasons I asked Paul if he'd used POW Sides and Model Master Decals in those tanks in the above photo because they add a bit of variety.

    Here's the link to Paul Bartlett's site for photos of Berry Wiggins tanks showing tanks with the 'Liquaphalt' sheild.

    Last time I saw a photo of the preserved tank at Speech House Road it was in a terrible state sadly-the elements having got the better of it.
  4. adrian

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    It's a good job they don't offer them in 7mm. I'd be soooooo tempted to rename them "Bradley Wiggins" tankers and see who noticed!
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  5. Buckjumper

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    You'd make just the one mod then?
  6. Dog Star

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  7. Jordan

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    My picture was taken in about 2000, when it had just been put in place... I'd love to know how it got to Speech House Road, though..... this was taken at Ruspidge....:D ;) :thumbs:

    Sorry, Klaxon of Pedantry alert :oops: ...I know it's on Speech House Road, but not at Speech House Road, if that makes sense... :rolleyes: :)
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  8. Chris Nevard

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    Another of the excellent AY - I'll be snapping it properly for Toy Chuffer 4Weekly shortly. This was taken at Model Rail Live with my lights to try to replicate morning or evening sunlight. I wish more layouts would have a proper backscene like AY, it makes photography so much easier and removes the need to block out flying ducks, bookcases, horsebrasses, beer bellies and hedgeclippers.

  9. 46444

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    Aha! My mind is failing me :D

    That tank wagon is at Ruspidge Halt-I stand to be corrected :)) :thumbs:;)

    Think I saw it around a similiar time as well in this condition.


  10. PMP

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    Cor, couple of days away and it all kicks off!

    Firstly thanks for the comments as its basically a stay at home layout its nice to get independant feedback that some things are working well, particularly the 'ordinaryness' of it, I try to adhere to the principal that less is more. By strange co-incidence my employers payroll office works to a similar ethos.
    The BW tanks are a mix of Bachmann and Peco Wonderful Wagon 14t tanks, so pretty much off the shelf. One or two of them have had ladders changed and some of the support stays removed, the decals are the Modelmasters waterslide sheet 4826. That sheet has two different styles of markings so by mixing them across the tank fleet you get that, all the same, but different look. I wasn't aware of the POW Sides sheet so thank you for the heads up, I'll follow that one up to add another livery variant. One of the tasks that I didn't get round to for MRL12 was to do one as Bradley Wiggins, and have a bike leaning against the fence as acknowledgement to Bradley and Ben Ashworth, who travelled the forest by bike taking pics. Last year I tried to find the tank wagon, and didn't see it, though we drove straight past it as I've now sussed on street map! In the next week or so I'm going to try and get down to FoD to get some autumn shots to possibly replace the backscene. CNevs piccies that he took at Model Rail Live are very nice too. The color version of the 2MT image is one of the best I've seen, and really captures what I was trying to achive, particularly with the lighting Chris used. Hopefully they'll use that in TC4W.

    I've currently got AYd and Bawdsey up simultaneously and its been interesting doing a compare and contrast exercise on the techniques used across the layouts. Theres a possibility too for those interested that AYd may be glimpsed at an exhibiton not a million miles away from a bookshop next year. Stay tuned ...
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  11. Captain Kernow

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    Oh yes, excellent!

    Banana with that cup of tea, Sir?...;)

    PS. I see, Paul, that you appear to have changed the fiddle yard-end buildings since Railex this year. Not only is that extremely fast work, it also looks superb!
  12. PMP

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    Thanks Tim, I have as you say nearly rebuilt the entire fiddle yard scenic side adding a kickback to the front of the layout, and three rows of cottages. Theres also a good number of extra trees, actions speak louder than words and all that!
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  13. PMP

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    Johnny Foreigner arrives ...
  14. Buckjumper

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    Great shot! :thumbs:
  15. Jordan

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  16. 46444

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    Lovely shot.

    Would look good hauling a few Berry Wiggins tanks! :D


  17. Jordan

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    I'd like to see how...!! :p ;)
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  18. PMP

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    In March 2013's Railway Modeller the trainset appears describing the seamless backscene. I developed the backscene about a year ago, Mr Nevard helping with the kind donation of one of his images which we used. This isn't photoshopped, wysiwyg.
  19. Jordan

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    Nah... you've been colouring in one of Ben Ashworth's photos again, haven't you..??!!??!! :rolleyes: :D :)) :thumbs:
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  20. Alan

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    Enjoyed the interesting article in the march RM on how you produced the backscene.
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