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Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by PMP, 20 September 2011.

  1. PMP

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    Manchester show for the trainset this weekend, its the penultimate show for it, come and say hello if you're there. IMG_1760.JPG
  2. queensquare

    queensquare Western Thunderer

    I do like that shot with the 'sad' 22, very nice.

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  3. iak63

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    Very nice to see the beastie finally.
    The presentation is clever and convincing.
    Shame the layout is to be terminated but such is fate.
    I think a legacy pends, small mind but there.
  4. Suddaby

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    Really pleased to see this today at the MMRS show. Very clever use of view blocks, and also I really liked the way the fiddle yard was disguised, so when you look across the layout to where the fiddle yard is, you are deceived into thinking the scenery goes on. Mind you when you were allowed a peep behind the fiddle yaed curtain, it did look odd to see a row of houses at the back!!

    Excellent layout.

  5. PMP

    PMP Western Thunderer

    Reply, thanks for your comments, and glad you enjoyed the show and layouts. We ran DC on Saturday and DCC on Sunday, what was noticeable was the number of visitors asking more 'technical' questions about many aspects of the layout including presentation and scenery etc.
    Last show looming is Warley in a few weeks, and then the layout does a short R&D/photo session before scrapping.
  6. Jordan

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    'Scrapping'..... :( ... such a shame, when some of us can only aspire to reach such standards in the first place...

    Maybe a Preservation Society should be set up :)

    ..... although methinks that in true "Beeching & all that" fashion, the line will have been long gone before enough interest, support & funds could be raised to save it.... :rolleyes: :(
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  7. PMP

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    I've had a number of offers to 'save' the layout which is very nice.

    This bit though, is key to the layouts final chapter!
  8. PMP

    PMP Western Thunderer

    IMG_2120.JPG IMG_2112.JPG

    These are what the RT sand pull rods look like fitted to a Bachmann 57xx in cruel close up. They are far too short for the model, but at normal viewing distances give the right appearance of the shape and position of the prototype rods. The 08 is on one of the other projects underway at the mo ;0)
  9. Jordan

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    No no no..... :headbang:
    That Class 08 picture.... how many more times do we need to say that it is considered very bad form to post pictures of the real thing and pretend it's a model...?? :rolleyes:

    ;) :D :D :D
  10. Dog Star

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    Good to read that you are keeping tabs on the masses, I spent a few minutes thinking about which heritage site had a crane lettered as in the photo, doh :oops: .
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  11. Geoff

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    Thanks for posting those shots of the sandbox linkages Paul, another case of a part falling short of expectations but as you say from a distance they give a fair impression and are certainly better than nothing. The other photos are brilliant as well but that one of the Class 22 is outstanding.
  12. 40126

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    My first thought was.... Nice pic, then realised it was a model !!!! :eek:

    Steve :cool:
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  13. PMP

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    Not bad for £50.00 needs a bit of fettling, but overall a good little model. Loads of potential.
  14. Jon Gwinnett

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    I had a look at one the other day, and my only real criticism was the self coloured plastic body. The printing is so nice it will be difficult to deal with the paint (or lack thereof) without obscuring the detail.
  15. PMP

    PMP Western Thunderer

    Its not actually self coloured, I thought it was initially. It is a micro thin covering of paint, I've removed the lettering on the red one and it shows where I had to be a bit more agressive on the Esso logo's. Pics later.

    On the subject of pics, a transatlantic Wharfedale Road in 1979 ...

  16. Jordan

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    NOW you're talking...!! :) :) :) :thumbs:
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  17. PMP

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    It's not Albion Yard, but Bawdsey an EM layout I purchased from the Chris Matthewman estate. It may be out this year, I have a couple of potential shows subject getting leave. All I did was take the pic, DMU by Bachmann, all the rest by Chris M.

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  18. queensquare

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    Really atmospheric Paul. Has that sort of windswept feel where it might be some while before you see a passenger!

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  19. PMP

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    One from the new 'shelfie' got two days to complete it!
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  20. Heather Kay

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    I thought we had a forum policy about posting photos of the real thing while pretending they are models.