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Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by PMP, 20 September 2011.

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    Nice weathering job Paul which, unfortunately, highlights just about every problem with the model, the horrible joins and extremely thick glazing - so noticeable on such a small locomotive - in particular. The handrails also seem to be anchored in the wrong place on the buffer beams too which is not something I had noticed before. A pity, since so many elements of the model are done so well; the complex cab shape, the grille at the radiator end and the neatly hidden mechanism are just great.

    I had thought of getting one to spruce up but, for the work involved, a cheque to Mike and Judith Edge is a better route to a really good model of a Sentinel and since I did one years ago, I'll do something else instead.

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    Lovely job, Paul, nice restrained job there!
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    Playing about after DVD filming with Paul Lunn image.jpg
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    That is a really lovely photo, really evokes a beautiful autumn morning in the forest! Superb!!

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    Takes me back to my late teens when I played football for Minsterworth, November games in the Forest.
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    Just watched the first cut of the DVD, very odd watching yourself on telly, after the first twenty minutes it seems more natural, but it is very odd! This is a shot onto the shelfie project layout through the bridge
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    Shelfie has a day or two's more work on it prior to completion. Working in such a small space has been more challenging than I thought it would be.
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    Small yet tasteful methinks :cool:
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    image1.jpg Final detailing going in, the crane is an HO kit. Pleased with this as it'll make a nice short test layout for locos etc, whilst still being a nice 'shelfie'
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    Thanks CME didn't notice id put the enzed version up!
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    A pair of 08's basking in the sun at Wharfedale Road.
    LHS = Hornby
    RHS = Bachmann/PMP makeover
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    Interesting variation in the shape of the cab roof. I recall that WT had a discussion about the cab / roof of a 7mm kit, maybe early 2013, one of the 7mm kits considered got slated on the roof.

    I like both of the models, thank you for sharing the photo.
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    The Hornby version has the better cab profile of the pair. I recall a thread which was perhaps about the Agnoria model. If it's the one I'm thinking of its Dingo ugly, with a poor roof/bonnet profile.
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    I believe you are correct on both counts.
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    Having travelled to Warley last year to see it in the flesh and enjoyed watching it again on your recent DVD I have to say thats good news Paul, I for one hope the 'may' becomes a certainty :)
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    Thanks Steve and others for the 'likes'. Albion Yard is likely to be integrated into a larger FoD project I'm scheming at the moment. So Albion Yd is likely to become permanently home based. I have in mind other Forest projects that will be exhibitable, which is just as well as one of them is going to an exhibition next year ...


    In the meantime here's a Pannier interlude ..
  18. Jon Gwinnett

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    I think your idea of a FoD "system" layout is such a great concept. As the Americans, and indeed the Peter Denny's of this country understood, Railways convey goods and people from place to place. The "British" style, of focus on one place can be superb, but all too often loses that sense of purpose which moving items from A to B gives. This is where the modular groups like Freemo score, with their operations based set ups. Combining that with your undoubted scenic skills sounds like a winner to me.
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    Hornby (ex Lima) Class 40, with Shawplan bits and lots of bits of wire and plasticard