Prototype Anatomy of a Thompson BZ Brake Van

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by Steve C, 5 March 2013.

  1. 76043

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    I am thinking of using Chivers Diag.120 van parts either with Comet sides or just kit bashed. Simon Chivers is happy to provide odd amounts of parts meaning one could be bashed from his parts.

    Obvs, it won't be as good as the brass one above. :(

    Great pics, thanks for posting. I think according to the Harris LNER book they were all built at Stratford, must have been one of the last lot of anything built there. (maybe)

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  2. Rob Pulham

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    That looks lovely Ian.:thumbs:
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  3. South-by-SouWest

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    Beautiful work Ian - looks like keeping my fingers crossed all this time might have paid off with such a good looking kit - keep us posted when it becomes available please! I've seen some of your previous work around the web, but I'm not sure how to stay informed?
  4. Arty

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    Just out of interest, here's a couple of pics of 70654 just after arrival on the GCR - 1973 ish.

  5. Macgeordie

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    I've just received the (hopefully) final set of test etches so I'll post a few pics as I go along with the build.

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