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    Quite right, these are excellent collections - a friend of mine is modelling Cheddar in 4mm scale and was very pleased to be pointed in that direction. This image of Castle Cary is wonderful:

    Castle Cary station (6), 1975

    The juxtaposition of coalyard, 'box, goods shed and former cattle dock is extremely pleasing and full of modellable details.

    Ian Nolan's galleries are particularly impressive in their range and scope and full of not quite ordinary photos (by which I mean that he hasn't been choosy with the subjects; the ordinary is exactly what he's captured):

    Ian Nolan’s albums | Flickr

    This is why I have a couple of scratch-built Italian ferry vans on the go:

    Italian Vans at Hove Station, 30 June 1966

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    To Peter
    Off soon to draw in Dorset air instead of what passes for it via the M11 Link Road.
    Warm Regards to you and yours for Christmas and the swiftly coming year
    BW aka 2-Bil S187L104.jpg
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    I should have mentioned the other Counties but glad you're both aware of the IAN D NOLAN library ,its a real Treasure!
    For form i think i should have pressed Reply to you comments??
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    No need - all that would do would be (as here) to have quoted the messages you were replying to. Naming us has exactly the same effect, rather more efficiently!

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    Thanks Adam
    For some unusualy angled photos THE ATMOSPHERIC SOUTHERN byRoderickHoyle Noodle Books is IMHO worth digging out
    BW aka 2-Bil
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    Not before time - I was becoming concerned that its lack of use (indicated by the lack of visible water in the U-bend), combined with your progressive draft-proofing of the station structure, might cause a build up of drain whiff.
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    Never worry about making mistakes it's knowing ( or learning) how to put 'em right.

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    You caught me out BW (aka 2-Bil!) with that super shot of a Bagshot totem. I thought that the station had kept it's old Southern targets until those dreadful, miserably bland, 1964 "New Image" signs were installed. I immediately suspected that pic to be of a modern repro, but a quick check in the British Railway Totems book revealed it to be genuine indeed!

    A published photo, apparently taken in 1962 shows the targets still in situ, so I guess that those BR totems were not up for very long. That might explain it's pristine condition as well?

    Sadly, I don't suppose any of those original Bagshot targets have survived. When I enquired what had been done at my own local station of Wadhurst, way back in 1971, the Stationmaster informed me with some regret that they were all taken down and dumped at the council tip!

    Thanks too Osgood for reminding me about the plumbing, but that oversight has already got me in trouble.

    My three year old grandson asks to have a closer look at the model from time to time. He is naturally of course delighted by the lavatories, and always insists on inspecting them. The last time he peered in, he paused, and his customary grin of pleasure turned to a serious grimace. Then, he slowly shook his head and said:

    "Oh, no..."

    "What's wrong?" I asked,

    "No water!" he replied.

    Silly old Grandad thought he'd got away with it, didn't he?

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    Fear not!I wouldn't give you bum info!My Railway modelling went into hibernation when the girls were born .However railway interest didn't
    lay entirely fallow.maybe its Genetic . One of my ancestors was a Carriage Fitter at Brighton from the late 1840s!
    Anyway I've been collecting Brighton eastbourne Hasting line enamels and others a long time.Someone near me just said "TOOO long..."
    There've been three bagshot totems in auction ONE target is in a collection none have come up for sale.
    Im with you regarding Corporate signage.The "Powers"could not have designed anything more jarring to "decorate" nineteenth century architecture. Southern paint schemes,green EMUs and their brass door furniture sat so benignly especially in a rural setting.
    My own local station '"back in the day' was Walthamstow.The junior school was opposite the cutting the station sat hot weather when the windows were open loco smoke would mingle with steam from the TOLLY COBBOLD brewery.....bliss.
    ,When the station totems came down in the 70s they were stacked next to the room t he room the chap who was Porter,Ticket clerk and Station Master (all at the same time) used .he must have heard me"rummaging"
    "Help yourself mate" he said
    "NO ta"said me"i only like Southern stuff"
    The next time i held one it cost me a fair bit more than nothing!
    Look after thatTotem book Peter probably,like me,you'll always have it to hand but just know one was sold in the Autumn for a deal more than the copies we picked up "way back when"
    Warm regards & Bon chance!'
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    Thanks for the memories 2-Bil. I too let the chance to acquire a STRATFORD totem slip by. I had to be content to do a "picture" of it instead. Even that now (happily) hangs on someone else's wall!

    I will indeed take special care of that Totem book, but for entirely sentimental reasons!!

  11. 2-Bil

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    Dopey me !

    I just remembered why i hope the publishers gave you the book GRATIS!!
    Bagshot totems sold at Sheffield Railwayana Auctions in 2007, Solent RA 2009 & Great Central RA in 2015
    Tata till next Year
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    Have located on Abebooks for £1.79 and Mrs P. is buying it for me for Christmas. Looks like a great buy!
  13. David Halfpenny

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    Bagshot Station was very widely commended at the recent G1MRA AGM!

    And great to meet Pete and his lad there.

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    Thank you again David. It was great to meet you and so many other really nice folk too!

    I will always hope that Bagshot might play a small role in encouraging more people to see that "scenic" modelling is possible - and practical in the larger scales? The only problem was that I admitted rather too often how much time I have spent building it. The question; "How much life have we got left?" was raised more than once during the day!

    Maybe we could do with a few more laser cut and 3D lineside/architectural models...? I wish I could do it myself, but that is one trick that I'm afraid I'll never learn now!

    The other regret of the day was that I didn't get round to speaking to more, or mentioning how much I appreciated and admired their work!

  15. David Halfpenny

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    Teamwork needed. You have the flair and art skills, and since you can Draw, you can sub-out the cutting and pasting to the geeks.

    There are also some formidable portable CNC machines, designed primarily for girls, that have gentler interfaces and considerable potential in thin materials. More on that another time, but suffice it to say that and here's a promo for one of the recent machines that can draw, score and slice sheet material from thin fabric up to balsa sheet and quite thick card:

    and here's the kind of building that the H0 boys are knocking up very quickly as they explore potential:


  16. Peter Insole

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    Thanks David.

    I have to write reminder instructions on sticky labels for the simplest tasks on my laptop - then always seem to forget where I've stuck the one I need - which is why I have chickened out so far!

    The swear box might get rather full in no time at all?

    Anyway, I think I shall be having quite a few serious chats with some good friends in the next few weeks....?!

  17. Peter Insole

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    Before Tom replies:

    He bought me a notebook last Christmas - he even made a nice cover for it - so that all my reminders would be in one volume.

    Sorry Tom, I put it somewhere perfectly safe...

    ...It will come to the surface some time soon...?!

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    I'm not sure that's really a relevant comment, but yes, there are a few of us here who have die-cutters (which is what you're referring to). The problem with the simple ones (including, I think, the Cricut you linked to) is that they tend to be able to produce only pre-loaded or purchased designs. If you want to produce your own stuff you really need some form of CAD or other illustration software to drive them.

    And you actually need to spend a fair amount if you want it do things to sensible thicknesses or sizes of material in a repeatable fashion. @Rob Pulham has made good mileage from a Cameo (is that right Rob?), but it would find producing something like a G1 carriage hard work. For the bigger machines you may be better off with a laser cutter - or sub-contracting that work out, as you say.

    But you'll still need to be able to do some form of drawing on a PC to get the most out of it.

    As such, it's the same issue as 3D CAD and 3D printing; far better investing in practise and software rather than buying a 3D printer and expecting to turn out masterpieces...

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    That's terribly sexist, that's alright then. (With apologies to our lady members, but I'm sick to death of having to be PC). I hope you know I don't mean it.:)

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    Speaking as a lady member, I personally am not fussed by David's comment. I understood what he meant, as in the kit he mentioned is marketed primarily at those who mostly do craftwork as a hobby - who also tend to be female.
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