Barclay Class 06

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  1. Bill Campbell

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    I have been guilty of not posting enough photos so here is the latest from my workbench.

    Barclay Class 06.jpg
    It has been constructed from the Judith Edge kit. Rivet painters (as distinct from counters) please note that Rule 1 applies to the livery. The "interior" looks like this:

    Barclay Class 06 chassis.jpg
    The driver is standing on the cab floor which is part of the chassis assembly. The front axle is fixed whereas the rear axle is compensated - the loco will crawl over a bit of 1mm thick wood without hesitation. The decoder is a Zimo M645R and the speaker is under the chassis cross member supporting the capacitor.

  2. Arty

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    That is really nice, I like green diesels.
  3. Prairie Tank

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    It's lovley. Very neat too.

    John :)
  4. steve50

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    Looks fantastic Bill, will you be weathering it?
  5. Bill Campbell

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    Maybe . . . if I can think through a suitable technique - need to look at some photos again.
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  6. MartinWales

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    Got a Judith Edge kit ready to do here...hope it turns out as well!
  7. Mr Grumpy

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    Great loco :thumbs: Also really like the inset track and paving. Any chance of a tutorial in how it’s done?
    Ps...I photographed and measured the pair of 06’s that came to Reading in the 80’s to work in the signal works.
  8. Bagpuss

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    Very nice little diesel you have there, it looks great
  9. Threadmark: Inset track
    Bill Campbell

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    The photo below shows the baseboard just after the track was laid. Track construction is ply timbering, Exactoscale chairs and C&L bullhead rail. The area for the inset track has a raised base - to the same height as the bottom of the rail. The rail is spiked to maintain alignment - you may be able to see the spikes in the photo. The area to be paved is then further built up to just below rail top level. The paving is meant to be granite setts and is represented by - wait for it! - Slaters embossed brick sheet. Several different paint colours were tried before that in the photo - the paint finish has then been allowed to get a bit worn - sort of natural weathering.

    Inset trackbase.jpg

    The grey area and different track at the top of the photo is on the sector plate fiddle yard that is hidden by the factory buildings (Skytrex).

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  10. Mr Grumpy

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    Thanks for taking the time to show us how it was done! I may be having a go in a slightly bigger scale:)