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    I meant to ask if you could post a few pictures of the buildings, and bridge Tim. The are all lovely structures, the bridge is one of the most convincing models that I've ever seen, so hopefully you will manage to find room for it.
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    I can report that the chassis for my first new loco in three years is nearing completion, namely a Roxey 'Planet', which will form the 'modern image' motive power for the Vale of Radnor Light Railway. This features a scratchbuilt chassis (well, it's only a very basic 0-4-0) and a bespoke High Level gearbox that drives both axles. The body is also part-complete, but lots more to do on that.
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    Time has past since my last post on this particular thread.

    No work has yet been done to start building the baseboards, but all the pointwork is complete and two locos for the Vale of Radnor Light Railway are also now done. One is the Roxey 'Planet' diesel referred to earlier and the second is a refurbishment of an older model that was originally done over 30 years ago.

    That loco was an old Mainline J72, which I had re-sprayed into a green livery in the 1980s and given the name 'Jennifer', to represent a sold-out-of-service BR loco, that had been acquired by an unspecified light railway. At the time, I had no plans to build a light railway for it to run on, so it remained in its' box for years and the old Mainline split chassis gradually deteriorated to the point where it no longer worked.

    In the intervening years I had also done up another J72, this time to represent one sold out of service to the NCB. This had acquired a compensated Perseverence chassis when its old Mainline one also failed. I used it on 'Engine Wood' a lot in the early years, until I acquired some more suitable examples of industrial locos.

    The objective of refurbishing 'Jennifer' was to retain as much of the 1980s loco as reasonably practical, but also to replace the chassis with a Perseverence one and to weather it.

    This is the finished loco, now waiting for it's outrageously improbable light railway to get built:


    I've also featured some of the buildings for 'Bethesda Sidings' in previous postings. The goods shed and weighbridge office were scratchbuilt by Paul Iliff, who sold a lot of 4mm items a few years ago, when he (temporarily, I believe) changed to 7mm. They are exquisite models and I feel fortunate to now have them for my layout.

    Last night I was lucky enough to acquire a couple of additional structures for the goods yard, which had come into the possession of our area group, but which were now deemed surplus to requirements:




    Work is currently on-going moving the contents of my 'railway room' to another, slightly larger room in the house, where I will be able to keep 'Bethesda Sidings' put up to be worked on.
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    ‘Jennifer’ has bags of character and the weathered finish kids the eye into believing she’s made of iron and of some mass. The finer wheels of the replacement chassis reinforces this skilled deception. Lovely.

    You are indeed fortunate, CK, to have taken charge of these characterful little structures that while functional, seemed omnipresent in stations and termini across the land and when modelled to this standard, lend an air of the prototype to any model. I find them fascinating. They’re definitely worthy of further scrutiny with the ‘zoom’ option.

    Good luck!

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    I had a bit of a 'mock-up' session with the buildings and pointwork for 'Bethesda Sidings' this afternoon. I am now almost in a postion to be able to start building the baseboards and I needed to check how long the scenic section needed to be.





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