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  1. 8779D4A9-0E42-461C-AF0D-F72261D2333D.jpeg 1F329713-72EA-442F-8CF2-F2D233488CBC.jpeg A291870A-8F65-4D62-9BB1-B3C90114D50F.jpeg 0D4E3C8D-EAA8-40FC-8F91-7FA599FF4C90.jpeg 00F9C376-D4B2-456E-9C97-577C52BA406A.jpeg 167DC232-6B95-41F2-9A38-11F30F2B6BEE.jpeg CC8A03D8-F0BA-434D-83FC-34FD9BFE6979.jpeg Good evening just joined western thunder. Been building gauge 1 1/32 layout set as a military depot in 1939.
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  2. Heather Kay

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    That looks like an impressive layout. More photos in a fresh thread when you’re ready, please. :thumbs:
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    welcome to WT, layout looking very good. Could I make a request that you post your photos full size rather than thumbnail when you make your next posting.


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  5. mickoo

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    Impressive :thumbs:
  6. Arty

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    Love the motor transport.
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    All the above! The glimpse of the warehouse interior is intruiging. Would love to see more of that too.
  8. Simon

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    Terrific work, just what Gauge One needs, probably:rolleyes:

  9. Thanks all I’ll post some more images soon. The hanger holds a Tank factory/ workshop . It has benches , an office and even a toilet.
    I also have a railway workshop.
  10. More images as requested. They show the separate railway workshop and the interior of the hanger.
    Plus one of four SR flat wagons I’m building.
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  11. Arty

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    The hanger interior is very impressive, what are you going to fill it with - Valentines ?
  12. Arty

    All sorts I started this layout out of a whim as I make a lot of 1/35 models so I thought I’d make my own tank factory to put parts in as I built stuff, hence the Leyland retriever in the hanger at present. Though this will be a depot truck in my own livery. Which is sort of a cross between RAF and navy ..sort of.
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  13. Arty

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    As you may know, the Tank Museum at Bovington, they have a representation of a tank factory, although a bit modern with Centurian vehicles.
    Incidentally there is a model show at the TM this coming weekend 28/29 Sept.
  14. Mr Grumpy

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    Can’t tell you...
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  16. 773FC130-A03B-4DB7-859A-73F9F68E862D.jpeg F4DC48C9-CDBC-4287-B0B1-2E70719EEE13.jpeg 79B63707-0F37-4079-95B7-96F1FCC2F8CD.jpeg 773FC130-A03B-4DB7-859A-73F9F68E862D.jpeg F4DC48C9-CDBC-4287-B0B1-2E70719EEE13.jpeg 79B63707-0F37-4079-95B7-96F1FCC2F8CD.jpeg Been building two Wainwright C class locos. Both will be RC control with sound.
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  17. Yorkshire Dave

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    And will one of them be dual brake fitted?
  18. Both will have Westinghouse brake systems fitted. Both will be in southern black livery with different numbers of course.