7mm Birmingham Moor Street

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    Quote: There was a handy panel missing in the concrete fence.....

    As when Nobby Hughes and I dug under the cast iron railings at the back of Crewe North to gain entry in the late 1950s. That was the first time I "copped" 46235 City of Birmingham. Priceless memories!
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    I should add that the canal north from Wolverhampton Low Level was how you gained access to Stafford Road Shed. It's been gentrified since then!
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    The Finney7 47XX kit (plus Collett 4000 gallon tender kit) arrived today. Now I have ordered the wheel set from Slaters. A quick review of the instructions suggests there is nothing new to be learned from building other similar kits. However, my limited toolset is going to be a bit of a problem! One possible solution will be to start on the sub-assemblies, such as the coupling rods, pony truck, cylinders, etc. I am currently reluctant to start on the frames etc. without the right jigs, all of which are a long way away in space and time.

    By the way, the railway room is still there! A villager friend was able to check out the property and most importantly tun off the underfloor heating which I left on to keep the house from getting too cold during the winter months.

    As to the two coach kits, they are progressing very slowly because of the fine weather we have been enjoying in Hampshire. Today I was able to source some strawberry plants at the local farm shop - something we have not had the opportunity to grow before. A local nursery also dropped 6 plants off on our doorstep with the suggestion to donate "something" to keep their business going. I probably overpaid, but then why not!

    The coaches will get some attention this weekend, rain is forecast!
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    The wheels for the 47XX build arrived from Slaters today. I thought I had also ordered springs for the Haywood coach bogies but I now think they are being sourced from someone else (too many on line orders going out to keep up with!). Now, if only we had some English weather! I spent most of the day tending to the landlady's garden. She should be pleased.
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    Some of you will know of my alter ego, a classic/vintage car enthusiast. With Lockdown in progress I am somewhat frustrated by not being able to view two cars which are reserved for me to view, test drive and buy (one, both or (unlikely) none of them). The newcomer on the scene is a delightful 1935 Riley Kestrel 9 and I rather think this will win my affection more than the post war RME 1-1/2 litre. We'll see.

    I am planning a trip when it is allowed but last week there was a dampener on the local BBC news. Apparently Dorset Police have noted an increase in traffic and have started to pull over cars that they might consider to be breaking the guidelines. One example given of a "poor" reason was that the driver was going to view a vintage car. I kid you not! This lockdown would be perfect for getting under a new purchase to find out what needs to be done to make the car roadworthy once the "new normal" arrives.

    As it is I am also reluctant not to enjoy the fair weather we are experiencing, so railway modelling has also been neglected while I wait on supplies and tools to be delivered. This could change in the week ahead as cooler, wetter weather has been forecast.
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    Yes we have 4 banana vans! Finally the Dapol order arrived with 3 Fyffes and 1 Geest van. More street goods station had special warehouses for bananas so this is a most appropriate addition to the layout.


    The banana vans probably arrived from Barry Docks but not necessarily at night. My copy of the book on the history of Moor Street is in France and I feel sure there is something there to help. Meantime good old warwickshirerailways.com has some pictorial record of the tarantula infested warehouse. (Just joking!)
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