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    They were both very LMS oriented so nothing on the GWR imposters! My youth was equally divided between the LMS and the GWR and it will always be hard to lean one way or the other. I spent a lot of time in Tamworth enjoying both LMS systems. But I also spotted up and down the GWR Northern Division from Wrexham to Leamington/Stratford. Moor Street fits my space better than anywhere so that was my choice. A lot of ex-LMS trains are going to visit Moor Street. Rule 1 applies.

    Thanks for the link, I had overlooked it.

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    A good weekend, lots done, here's an overview photo:

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    Thanks, Jim. I found that as well but the shipping - £13 for a book to France! I shall keep looking and maybe wait until I am in the UK. I might just call Ian Allan in Birmingham and see what they have.

    Warwickshire Railways is an absolute boon, I shall be sending them a donation as in the past when I worked on Shipston on Stour. Dave Musson has put together a resource no other county has.

    Best wishes, Paul
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    I have been taking care of other things much of today but this afternoon I did connect up the DCC to the small amount of track laid and wired. So far so good, though the turntable levels needed tuning and still need some more attention; I was hoping I could raise the bridge but it is easier to lower the tracks by taking away the cork underlay.

    I am also wiring each length of track independently, so there is no reliance on the Peco fishplates. The wiring underneath is looking much more "professional" than for Penmaenpool. There is more method in this layout, based on my earlier experiences.

    In the morning I will be taking a lot of rubbish to the local tip, mostly cork covered plywood sections. This is the only waste other than a few pieces of track. All the screws have been recycled. Plywood, though, is expensive these days and I reckon I need six large sheets. The cork I buy here is quite coarse in texture and not as pleasant to use as the sheets sold by Charles Cantrill in the UK. But that's life, I am sure its sound insulation properties are just as good. The hunt for plywood will then begin in earnest and I am going to have it delivered, the other option may be less expensive but I am getting on in years!

    Well, time for tea!
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    Hi Paul, can anybody that visits you bring it out to you?

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    Len, thank you, that is a possibility but not until July and I am coming to the UK as soon as they leave. And they are flying Ryanair so every bit of luggage costs! I am not actually sure how much new information is available which is why I would quite like to see what it is I am buying!

    I could write to Chiltern Railways and see what they might still have on file, though.
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    Today has been plywood day! First I took a load of Penmaenpool track bases to the tip and that was the easy part. I then drove down to Perpignan and tried to find a new plywood place that had been recommended by a neighbour. But the address I was given, and is still posted on line on two search engines, turn out to be a closed outlet with no signage at all. So I then went to my regular store, Leroy Merlin, and requested a "devis" for full-sized panels plus delivery. The latter was just under 100€, drop off at the curbside. You can keep that for a game of soldiers.

    So I went home for lunch and measured up what size I could settle for if the panels were cut. Luckily I designed my framework to be spaced 50cm apart, and the width of the back space in my car is just over 100cm, so a good fit could be obtained with no wastage. Back to Leroy's and in next to no time they cut four panels, enough to complete the outer oval and more, but not the future diagonal station framework. And I laid out a bit extra for marine ply as I had a discount card. Saved 28€, then spent it.

    Now construction along the back wall can begin in earnest as I already put many of the vertical supports in last evening. As I work I will try to remember to take photos, unless enthusiasm takes over and I forget!
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    Right, 2 hours work and 5 photos:

    First the prepared framework, though extra uprights were added as and where necessary:


    The first new panel is added - exterior ply is light coloured:


    Extra uprights are added and leveled in:


    The third new sheet is placed into position and marked off for trimming:


    A worm's eye view under the plywood. Having a regular spacing really helps:


    A break for sustenance and I may continue into the night!
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    Some very neat work there Paul, enjoy the break before getting back on track !

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    Looks very good, but I think there's to much space between supports. 10mm board has trouble supporting itself.
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    It's not finished yet, Peter! I have a lot of timber braces (approx 2.5cm x 1.5cm) which will be added (glued and screwed) below to give that extra support where it is needed.
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    An international layout with UK-style and french-style wallplugs :)

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    Yes, Michael! And I have a 2500 watt 110v transformer as well so that I can use a few legacy American appliances if necessary.
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    The bracing includes a strip along the front of the plywood:


    This will be sanded smooth and then a facia board of some kind will be added. The plywood shown below is only temporary to show how it will look eventually. The facia will probably stick up higher to act as a barrier to errant rolling stock hitting the floor.


    I imagine there is the possibility of drapes being hung from the facia to hide the junk below, though I am not any use with a sewing machine and SWMBO says that is not why she retired. Penmaenpool's engine shed may be fitted in the position shown but I won't make a final decision until the track plans are worked out.

    OK, over and out until tomorrow!
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    Do I detect a refound enthusiasm?
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    Yes, you do. Certainly one of the reasons is joining Western Thunder. I had lost my way “somewhere else” and needed the company I have now. And I don’t think I am alone, just look around. I like the “positive stress” of being in skilled company, how else does one learn! Certainly not by opening boxes.

    Well, it’s been an interesting day and tomorrow beckons.

    Bon nuit, Paul
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    Plates were ordered today from Severn Mills for the Finney7 Hall. My choice was really quite simple, the family will love it:

    4965 - Rood Ashton Hall

    It will have an 84E shed code which may never have been on the smokebox in pre-preservation days.

    I would have chosen Modified Hall Rhose Wood Hall which was often seen at Snow Hill, but the kit only does the 49xx class variant.

    And the Castle is now going to be 5014 Goodrich Castle, of Stafford Road. I have my reasons.
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    7556FD08-E6C3-472E-8C06-5E81B0DD5D36.jpeg Lunchtime troll thru the interweb for North Warwickshire Line finds this. I have seen many Lionel based layouts when I went to shows in Houston, but I never thought I would see this! It’s Kinlet Hall with very coarse bogie wheels! I can just see it rushing around 2 ft radius curves through grade crossings that have flashing lights and ringing bells. OK, enough. Back to the railway room this instant.
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    It's been a couple days since the last post and I have been busy. The oval base framework is now complete and track laying can begin in earnest. I had a big clean up last evening and so took a series of photos from the "Tyseley" turntable area all the way round to the existing scissor crossing, the only remnant from Penmaenpool. So here is a guided tour of blank plywood:

    Starting with the turntable, while waiting on other tasks to dry I added all five of the servicing roads. This area will be scenic but will be really useful for turning tender locomotives and displaying them.


    Moving to the left, toward the town centre, The tracks take the second 90º curve before leading onto a longish straight stretch along the Bordesley Viaduct. The Moor Street entry point is also in this view, the curved point being temporarily shown to identify the spur leading to the "hoist roads". In front of the track into Moor Street will be the small engine shed for servicing tank engines (where the drafting brush is). Not part of the prototype but a significant rule 1 decision:


    Next the long straight. The back scene will be the parapet of the viaduct with very low relief roofs, etc. painted or appliquéd on the white board. In front of the main line will be the "hoist roads" complete with the 20 ton hoist that used to be in this location. Shunting here, by the way, was done by electric capstans, wire rope and chains. Some nice features to model:


    Then the main line dives into Snow Hill tunnel for the next two 90º curves but the tunnel area will have two loops for storing made up trains, one Up, one Down. The area above will be entirely urban scenery pertaining to the late 1950s. Most of the buildings will be made like stage "flats" with diminishing scale toward the back to give a sense of depth.


    This shot needs a lot of imagination! Moor Street's passenger platforms will be assembled on a diagonal framework with the station building on the front of the existing boards. The platforms will stretch back across the room to the right side of the second picture. There will be an access space behind to reach the "hoist roads".


    Which brings us to the last scene where the oval tracks re-emerge behind my small work bench and the scissor crossing:


    I am well chuffed with the progress so far and feel the decision to rip up Penmaenpool was right. There is going to be a lot more operational interest plus the opportunity for playing trains when the grandchildren visit. There are challenges as well, such as the working traversers and hoist, but the good news for those items is I know their dimensions and design.

    The coming week's plan is to at least complete laying and wiring up the outer Up main line and have trains running by next Sunday evening. I would expect to do more track laying, certainly the inner Down main line and also start on the "hoist roads" and the servicing area for tank engines. Only then will I start to construct the diagonal station framework.

    Right, back to work!