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    Morning all,

    I thought I would provide an introduction to Bleat Wharf, the second of my entries into the Cameo Competition.

    Bleat Wharf is a rather sleepy, slightly run down backwater on the dear old former S&DJR, just off the Highbridge branch.
    Set in 1950s Somerset, Bleat is occasionally awoken by the arrival of a goods working, in the hands of an ex- S&D or Midland 3F ( Known as Bulldogs hereabouts).
    Sometimes we see an 'Armstrong' ( 4F) or a 'Bagnall' ( Jinty 3F).

    Construction has been underway for some three months and Bleat is due to be exhibited in January 2019.

    Baseboards come from IKEA, in the form of a 120cm x 40cm 'LACK' telly table top whichich forms the scenic area and a 'LACK' floating shelf which forms the fiddle yard.
    Overall size therefore is 7ft...ish.
    The backscene is 9mm MDF and lighting is courtesy of Herr LIDL.

    Track work is PECO Code 75 and all point are short radius, actuated by pokey finger.

    As you can tell, Bleat is basic.

    Motive power comes from Bachmann, as does most of the goods stock.

    All have been weathered.

    Sparks come from a Gaugemaster Combi unit and total wires on the layout number four.

    Buildings are all ready to plant from either Bachmann or Hornby. All will be detailed and weathered in due course.

    The attached photos show orogress roughly to date, up to the point where the track was inlaid using DAS modelling clay.

    Ground finish will be a variety including concrete, tarmac and various cobbles and setts.

    Bleat, for variety, will also operate with ex-L&SWR locos such as Dapols lovely B4. In addition, we can expect a Peckett or two from time to time.

    Even a Pannier for the Captain.........

    20180617_115744.jpg 20180617_125548.jpg 20180622_232736.jpg 20180704_062940.jpg 20180704_063743.jpg 20180726_194731.jpg 20180803_090444.jpg
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    More photos showing the concrete part of the wharf. 20180808_204932.jpg 20180809_050744.jpg 20180811_130252.jpg 20180811_164143.jpg 20180811_163236.jpg
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    20180811_073715.jpg 20180811_162727.jpg Peckett......
  4. NHY 581

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    Morning all.

    One of the key ( quay!??) requirements will be for Bleat to accommodate the occasional foray into L&SWR land so as to allow the running of some rather nice little locos.

    Here is an image of a Beattie Well tank far from home (bit like me at present) with an accompanying image of a B4 taken on one of my other layouts, Sheep Lane.

    Rob. 20180808_100734.jpg 20180629_063934.jpg
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    Can I just say that your photography - and modelling - is utterly stunning?

    The only thing that jars - and that is purely my personal thing, and nothing against your choices - are the proprietary couplings.

    I seem to have developed a parenthetical dash habit. :confused: :))
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    Hello @NHY 581

    What Heather said ↑↑↑↑. Lovely stuff.
    I love the concrete. Do elucidate, if you please.


  7. NHY 581

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    Morning Heather.

    Thank you for your kind comments. I do enjoy taking the photos. As well as a nice record they aid the modelling in that the camera does not lie!!!

    With regards to the couplings, I know they are less than subtle but I find them easier when I exhibit the layouts. They are also in keeping with the fact that the layouts ( I hope!) reflect the use of 'off the shelf items, i.e ready to run OO gauge stock with just a dab of weathering.
    These are not in anyway finescale layouts and would not compare them with such.

    Should I venture into bigger trains ( O gauge?!) then I would look to use scale couplings but for now I will stick with the tension locks.

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    20180811_130210.jpg 20180811_130339.jpg 20170810_061913.jpg 20170906_080505.jpg
    Thanks J.

    Very kind of you to say so.

    The concrete is DAS. This is sanded and then scribed to represent panels. A base coat of Halfords primers is then applied. A light dusting of Humbrol Acrylic Light grey, Dark Earth and Matt Black is then passed over.
    I then use weathering powders in the form of Humbrol Black, Smoke, Dark Earth, Sand and White to provide shading and variation in tone to the individual panels until it looks right. No two panels are the same.
    All are then sealed with a LIGHT dusting of Humbrol matt acrylic varnish. Too much and we make it all a bit too damp and lose the variation in tone we have spent so long achieving...........I know this.

    I attach a few further photos of the concrete on Bleat Wharf and those of the platform installed on Mutton ( One of my other layouts) which uses the same methods.

    Hope this helps.

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  9. Lyndhurstman

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    Hi Rob,
    Ah,, The Voice Of Experience :D

    Thanks. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get the DAS so flat? I've used it (with indifferent results) in the 4 ft, but am loathe to extend it across the acres of Watkins Wharf.


  10. NHY 581

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    Hi Jan.

    I utilise the Mk 1 DAS levelling daughters toy rolling pin. However, you need to be careful to avoid ripples.
    The resulting surface is then further dressed using a sanding block and fine wet and dry, making regular checks with a steel ruler for flatness. In the case of Bleat Wharf, the level was set using the top of the rail as a guide.

  11. Lyndhurstman

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    Hi Rob,

    Thanks. That's great. I'm grateful for your wisdom. It give me some positivity to at least attempt the same. And thanks to your daughter for her generosity :)


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  12. NHY 581

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    Try a test piece first, Jan

    I used a piece of scrap wood, nailed a bit of track to it and spread some DAS over it.

    In addition, seek out the work of Brian Harrup, Quai 87.

    Here's a view of my test piece where I was experimenting with carving stone setts into the DAS.

    These will also feature on Bleat Wharf. 20180724_215103.jpg 20180722_210257.jpg 20180724_093823.jpg

  13. Lyndhurstman

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    Hi Rob,

    It looks DASzling. I've seen the work of Mr Harrap Over There. But not in the rind (or the flesh, for non-vegetarians).

    I did do a test piece. It made me VERY testy. I'm going to try again; my boards are MDF, so I'm going to seal the boards with dilute PVA first.


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  14. jonte

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    Hi Jan

    Alternatively, you could try cheap ready-mixed tile grout from any of the DIY chains. Admittedly, I’ve only used it to replicate lintels and rendering in 4 mil and HO, but I’m sure it would work here too.
    I din’t get on with DAS I’m afraid, and it goes off after opening, even when wrapped in cling film :(


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  15. Alan

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    I agree there Jonte, I used DAS for making the stonework on a bridge for a diorama for the Museum I volunteered at. Even though I double wrapped it in cling film, it did go off.
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  16. NHY 581

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    Mine was fine. I pop it into a sealable freezer bag making sure I squeeze the air out before sealing. The first pack I used had been kept like this for over a year before using it on Bleat. Just take enough at a time and keep the rest sealed.

    I think in total I used three and a half packs on Bleat to complete the ground cover. I have half a pack left and it is still as new.

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    Thanks @jonte and @Alan,
    Well, Pandora has gone missing, but Schrödinger lurks in the depths of the Tiny Train Room bookcase, so - in her absence - I'll invoke him to open the box (margarine tub) I keep my DAS in... Until that point, the DAS is still alive..


  18. 76043

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    Anyone used Newclay's Claydium? I bought some in Bovey Tracey recently and thought I'd give it a go, especially as it's made in the UK/GWR territory! Weblink below.

    Claydium - Newclay Products

    I'm sure I had some when a kid...

    Loving this thread BTW.

  19. NHY 581

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    I think whatever you use, time is of the essence. Make sure you have everything to hand before you start and have a clear idea of what you are doing. I work in sections and set myself an achievable target which I won't exceed.
    Work in layers with the first being at sleeper level and lay the DAS onto tacky PVA. Once the clay is dry then move onto the next layer to come up to rail height, again onto tacky PVA.

    The clay that is not being used lives in its freezer bag 'til needed.

    It just takes time.

  20. Captain Kernow

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    I used ready-mixed tile grout for the cobbled area on Callow Lane, but I didn't use a rolling pin, partly because I wanted slight undulations in the ground, apart from where the track is.

    I shall ask Eileens Emporium for children's rolling pins at Scaleforum in a couple of weeks time, I think.