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    The mind boggles, and extremely good value considering DJH "O" A4's are £3475 RTR
  4. Simon

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    Withered Arm or no, I'd love to see one of those running round my line - fantastic models of a great prototype:thumbs:

  5. Phill Dyson

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    Yes they are lovely........always wanted an A4 ever since I was kid(I used to drool over the Wrenn ones,but they were beyond my paper round money :( ) ...........Mmmmmm Garter blue without the full valances would be nice or BR day ;)
  6. 28ten

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    Not a bad price considering, of course it does need a dozen coaches to go with it.....
  7. Pennine MC

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    I was lucky enough to see a 'Hush Hush' that somebody had brought along to Roy Jackson's gaff in the summer. It's an impressive model to be sure, but it also struck me how truly fantastic it must have looked in the '30s - pretty futuristic I'd think, far more impressive IMHO than an A4
  8. Jordan

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    "Dear Santa......"

    :rolleyes: :oops: :D
  9. John D

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    Sorry chaps, nice though it no doubt is (better had it been a Lizzie) , to us peasant types in these recessed times it comes into the category of bl***y expensive, but I guess there is still the money out there ;)
  10. Mr Tiger Viking

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    I will have one in BR Blue and One in BR Green not bad for 8K£`s, Ooooh I forgot those days are over, easy access to the bank managers money to free spend and think about it later. In that case I will have to drool like every body else.
    Very nice, what happens when he produceds his 1/43rd DELTIC in 1/32nd?
    Why does money have to get in the way of things that you desire?
    Mr TV
  11. Buckjumper

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    We'd all have to wear waders to move through the waves of drool if he released any hydraulics in 1:32...
  12. lancer1027

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    If Fred Phipps produces a Western in 1/32 i think i would be very tempted:D

  13. John D

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    Blow that!!.....I certainly know how t'other half of Chez Dale would react when a £3800 loco got delivered:rant:
  14. D1054

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    I think you and me both!:)

    These Loveless machines are lovely though.....

    As for the Hush Hush, that's a super engine too, but I think MC's comments might have been reversed if it was the A4 that was unique, and a fleet of 34 Hushies roamed the east coast route? The A4's a great design, and beautifully recreated here...... just need a nice lottery win!

    I like the valances removed so we can see Walschaerts best in action............magic!
  15. Buckjumper

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    Difficult to say; I'd like to think I'd wish them well and be on my way. For me the fun is in the build. If I had a garden run I could be tempted - maybe.

    The streak is pretty impressive though, for a Gresley loco...
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  16. Pennine MC

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    Nah no.gif smile.png
  17. Buckjumper

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    Hush! ;)

  18. Simon

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    Loveless at Warley.....

    Great models, rubbish photography.



    Gresley Full brake, development model, unfinished, slight damage but still wow. Lawrie reckoned c. £1000 in about 1 year's time - ideal for one's posh parcels:)


    Bogie detail, with fully functioning wotsits.


    I can't afford them but it's great to see the range of available 1/32 expanding.

    Top models from a top bloke as far as I can see:thumbs:

  19. Jordan

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    There's obviously enough money swilling around in some areas of the hobby to make Loveless a going concern!
    As it's all British Kettles (DP1 aside) I am immune from jealousy, and can just admire the models for the works of art that they are!! :D
  20. 28ten

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    Still plenty of wonga at the top end. Nice models, but the collecting lark does nothing for me, if they were kits I would be more interested