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    Thanks Bill, some great info there, I must admit to already finding the warehouse plans etc, and a few of the other pieces.
    J.J.Prior's info is great, I'd not come accross that before.

    Hopefully I'll start getting the base boards sorted soon, I'm building up stock of track materials etc. but the main work is going to be the buildings to be honest.

    ATB, Col.
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    Hi Colin and Graham

    I'm glad ther was something of interest in the various links, it was quite interesting for me to research it, as of all the remaining coasting companies Priors is the one I am most familar with. I did a couple of trips on the Bert Prior in 1991 from Brightlingsea to Greenwich.
    The other interesting link of course is that if the Rowhedge/Fingrinhoe branch of West Mersea incorporates the sand works then both ends of Priors sand and gravel trade are covered ie. the same ships or possibly PO sand wagons.
    I also found this picture of a motor barge it is from the 80s and while the warf and cranes are quite different from what they would have been in the 40s the barge itself is not much altered.

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    An interesting photo. If that 'tide mark' is any guide there is precious little freeboard when that thing is loaded. Indeed some way above the Plimsoll line!
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    Progress on Bow Creek has been held up by the day job:D , but hopefully I will be picking up the ply next week and I will post baseboard construction as it progresses.
    As with LoveLane I have collected some kits for the road transport side and won these two peices off ebay.
    A '33 Morris Commercial and a '31 Dennis.
    The're fairly hefty white metal jobs so I can see myself either replacing certain parts using the original castings as patterns or trying to thin then down on the miller. Certainly the bucks can be junked and built from thin ply and bass or lime, with iron work cut from thin brass sheet etc. ( a good candidate for etching me thinks) or profile milling and bolt heads added after, Scale Hardware perhaps?
    Not bad detail on the wheels although I'm a bit doubtful about the tyre's tread patterns so may have to alter that after some research.
    I'm anticipating Heather coming in at this point:).
    Now Bow Creek initialy is based in 1946 and these two vehicles are 30's job's and I suppose they could have still been in service.
    I think the Morris will be privately owned probably in my own Family's ( building contractors)company livery at the time. My Grandfather used Morris Commercial and Bedford.
    The Dennis will be in LNER employ if they were using them at this time, if not then I could use it when I run the layout in alternate pre-war era, which I intend to do once I have built stock at a later stage, but it will be 1940's initialy.
    ATB, Col.
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    From what I can work out the LNER was big into Ford and Albion. The LMS had a lot of Dennis lorries, but they were a lot later than the 1920s one you have there. You may have to consider it for a private haulier, or you might be able to bash into a Karrier of the same period.

    I've built one of those Morris kits. The one I had was a van body, but I've started the process of hacking it around into a breakdown truck.

    Morris 1cwt by Snaptophobic, on Flickr

    It's not a bad little kit, considering its age.
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    I may have made them slightly more expensive for you by bidding for the same items. Sorry! I won the Morris Commercial Tilt van. A snip at £15.
    I suspect that in 1946, any tread at all would be a luxury!

  10. daifly

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    You will remember posting this I'm sure! Notalota tread on that spare!

    H. Dowling & Sons . Morris Commercial.jpg

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    Yes I think a private haulier will be the answer as it won't do as an LNER vehicle in '46.

    Nice work with the wrecker, now show me an eight wheeled, twin boomer:thumbs: luvly.

  12. eastsidepilot

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    Ah yes Dave, as much tread as I've got hair on my head:)).

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    Blimey ! can't believe it's nearly a year since I last posted. Well finally I have got started on assembly of the base boards,
    first off the two sector plate baseboards that sit at each end of the layout.

    I have used 6mm ply, housed the joints with the router and assembled with 5min. polyurathane and an electric nail gun using brads.
    DSCF3210.JPG This particular brand is Everbuild Lumberjack wood adhesive, Evostic also have a version.
    4mm ply will be used on the surface which will be glued and shot with the gun also and this will keep it all square.
    On top of this I will probably use Sundela.

    Below is my drg. of the whole layout boards.
    I'll post more shortley as the other boards come together, then it will be time to think about the trestles. I have an idea of what I want, the layout will be set at high level, the upper surface of the boards being 4'-3" from floor level ( alright 1.3m, I'm an old git ok! :D )

  14. Osgood

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    Which reminds me - I finally found you an original steam crane G.A., a 1918 Grafton:

    1918 Grafton crane.jpg
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    Excellent just what I need :thumbs:

  16. daifly

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    You first showed us the plan in Dec 2012 and I assumed that you must be putting the finishing touches to it by now in readiness for October.
    I was about to send you an Ixion Fowler for conversion and a set of wheels for turning but don't want to delay you 'cos you're going to be pretty busy, I suspect!
  17. eastsidepilot

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    The day job takes priority so if you want the Fowler sorted then please don't hesitate :thumbs::D

  18. eastsidepilot

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    Just finished the main construction of the baseboards.............

    ....and at the risk of boring you all with pic's of piles of plywood I cleared the kitchen and conservatory of table and chairs to lay out the complete package. :D This was the only area I could do this until I have built the trestles.
    DSCF3213.JPG DSCF3214.JPG DSCF3215.JPG

    Next job will be a covering of Sundela and in the mean time I'll start knocking up some mock up buildings from card.

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    That looks bloody brilliant mate! Beautiful woodwork!

    Are you trying to get it to a certain stage before the Mark show? Would you believe I've been down past your house about 5 tea in the past couple of weeks, but all whilst I've been working unfortunately..

  20. richard carr

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    That looks amazing I now know where to get the rest of the boards for Croscombe from.

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