Photo BR in Belgium; ferry van at Ostend, presflos at Antwerp

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Neil, 11 March 2018.

  1. Neil

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  2. AJC

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    Very nice find, Neil, particularly since there were only 10 of the things - BR Presflo Ferry fitted CPW CPV

    It also, partially at least, solves the mystery of what they were for which I'd always wondered about.

    Thanks for passing that on,

    Adam - now trying hard to resist building one in EM...
  3. Yorkshire Dave

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    As Adam says, a nice find.

    Interesting to see the Presflos lettered for F U L L E R S E A R T H.
  4. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    And in typical BR fashion, two different wagons lettered in two subtlety different ways and branded 'Empty to Redhill' which presumably means they shuttled back and forth to Dover from this place, Cockley Works, of the Fullers Earth Union (Laporte, by this date): Fullers Earth Union

    Lots on the various Urbex groups I see.

  5. SimonT

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    With events in Salisbury in mind, Fullers Earth is used for personal decontamination of chemical agents. It gets every where.
  6. AJC

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