BR Mk1 Buffer Housings

Discussion in 'Coaching stock' started by Bob Reid, 24 November 2012.

  1. Bob Reid

    Bob Reid Western Thunderer

    Whilst I look at various parts for Mark 1s (in 7mm scale) it occurred to me that whilst the Markits buffers are extremely nice looking they aint' quite right - the shape of the buffer housing isn't as they were produced in real life, being clearly stepped. Is there anyone out there that sells rather more accurate ones? I've used the JLTRT buffers/housing and these are excellent however apart from that are there any others - of the quality of Markits but of the accuracy of the JLTRT ones?

  2. Tony West

    Tony West Western Thunderer

    Bob, I believe that Haywoods do a MK1 buffer,
    Cheers Tony.
  3. Bob Reid

    Bob Reid Western Thunderer

    Thanks Tony!
  4. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Do CPL do them too?? Not sure about that one Bob so dont count on that being correct:oops:.

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  5. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    Im fairly cetain they are just GWR
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  6. Bob Reid

    Bob Reid Western Thunderer

    This is what I'm after (less of course the real end to the buffer itself - that's maybe asking a bit much!

    Extended ;

    Buffer - Left Extended.png

    and with the saddle casting removed - retracted....

    Buffer - Left Retracted.png

    David Parkin does some lovely ones, including the saddle casting - see but sadly as far as I'm aware they are not available separate from the kits.

  7. marsa69

    marsa69 Western Thunderer

    Invertrains stock some but I can't remember the firm that makes them :p I'll have a look after.
  8. djparkins

    djparkins Western Thunderer

    Just to clarify - we did start to make some sets available from our Mk.1 kits - such as Underframe Kits/Body Detail Kits etc., to tart up the other kits out there - but not enough people wanted 'em - so we withdrew them. We are only really interested in selling the complete kits in keeping with the concept/ethos I had at the time of designing them.

    Don't want appear 'mean' about this but there we are!


  9. Bob Reid

    Bob Reid Western Thunderer

    Sorry David, it wasn't intended to get at you not making them available, which is perfectly understandable, it was just a recognition of the quality.

  10. Phill Dyson

    Phill Dyson Western Thunderer

    How about Prestige Models & Westdale ? :)
  11. Bob Reid

    Bob Reid Western Thunderer

    Found them, thanks for the clue - they are made by Haywood apparently. I guess in the absence of images it would pay to buy a set....
  12. marsa69

    marsa69 Western Thunderer

    These are the ones I were thinking of second from the bottom made by Northants Model Railway Supplies

    C003 BR Mk1 Oval

    Hope this helps?
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  13. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    No more underframe kits David? That's scuppered my plans for some state-of-the-art Motorail flats then! However, if not enough people were buying, I can see the reason for withdrawing them.


  14. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer


    I think some were built on ex-SR underframes, so you've still got some options... :D

  15. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    Fair point Steph, but I would prefer to use Mk1 underframes if possible to give a more unified look when they're hung on the end of a rake of Mk1s. Mind you, it'll be a long time before I can even contemplate a rake of Mk1s..... :rolleyes:


  16. djparkins

    djparkins Western Thunderer

    Dan -

    Should the info for the Motorail Flats - good drawings of the body/bed/hinged ends etc. & some photos just 'fall into my lap' we would be happy to do complete kits for these vehicles.

    We are very happy with the return on the complete coach kits but don't really want to muck around with add-on packs. Mind you, we were planning a whole range of packs for the Heljan Mk.1s until we saw the shape of them - then it all just seemed pointless!

    The best add-ons we ever did for coaches were the replacement full length sides & window frames for Mk.2/a stock for use with the old Big-Big coaches under the PWP range - we sold hundreds of those!

    BTW - you were asking about the ex-Cavalier fittings in another thread. I believe the battery boxes in your Hawksworth coach kit are Ex-Cavalier - much better etched IMHO.



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  17. tomstaf

    tomstaf Western Thunderer

    Have a go at printing that in 3D Bob and then send off for casting in brass ;)


  18. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    I would also be happy if this happened. :thumbs:

    It's lucky I wasn't holding a drink when I read that - you would have owed me a new keyboard! :)):)):))

    Although the Hawksworth kit is very good, I have to say the battery boxes are probably the least satisfactory castings in the box and etches would definitely have been better.


  19. iploffy

    iploffy OC Blue Brigade

    Do you still do them Dave
  20. djparkins

    djparkins Western Thunderer

    Sold them to RJH in 1988 but I don't think they ever produced them.