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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Nick Dunhill, 4 April 2019.

  1. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Nick, when I build tender engines, I put all the electrical gubbins in the tender and then run through on a multi-plug. Then only needs to be the motor and speaker in the loco itself.

    Plus a couple of servo's of course..

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  2. Nick Dunhill

    Nick Dunhill Western Thunderer

    Yep you're all right, the XL decoder sits in the tender with the Stay-Alive board and the speaker and smoke unit (and it's board) in the loco. With the electric lighting to be considered it means I need a pretty substantial loom between the loco and tender and it (or they) interfere with Bissel and Cartazzi truck. I end up chopping off a load of the pipework that should be there to allow access for the electronic wire. Now I'm a builder and it seems wrong to do that. Surely an XL chip doesn't need to be that big, and as for smoke units.........
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  3. Yorkshire Dave

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    Is it an ESU Loksound XL decoder? Just confused as the 'stay alive' is an integral part of the decoder so there is no need for a separate one.

    An ESU Loksound L rather than a XL would have sufficed in this loco.

    Both the latest Loksound 5 L and 5 XL have an integral 'stay alive' function.
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  4. Richard Spoors

    Richard Spoors Western Thunderer

    Nick's first W1 is a commission from yours truly. I chose the decoder, 'stayalive' and speaker. The decoder would have been a Loksound L V5, however the sound file (an A4) was only available at the time of purchase in a L V4. Had I fully appreciated Nick was going to add pickups from the tender, I might have left the 'stayalive' off the board.
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  5. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Thank you for the information Richard, all is now clear regarding the DCC equipment.

    I've recently upgraded my Lokprogrammer to V5 recently and will experiment when I acquire aV5 decoder as I believe the V4 sound profiles can be uploaded to V5 decoder without conversion unlike V3 to V4.
  6. Nick Dunhill

    Nick Dunhill Western Thunderer

    Well here's one of the W1s in it's new home.


    Thanks to Stuart Tebbett, Richard Spoors, Mick Davies, Mick Roffe and the rest of the Finney7 co-op. Rob De Boer, Dave Andrews, Warren Haywood, DLOS, Tony Geary, Diane Carney and John Ryan, and everyone who has shared photos, help and advice.
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  7. Scale7JB

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    I'm surprised just how much more imposting that is compared to an A4.

    Fantastic model :thumbs:

  8. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer

    It's a big engine!
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