BR(WR) and industrial dock railways exchange sidings

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    Hi Everyone

    I'm toying with an idea based on the combination of the PBA Avonmouth Dock engine shed and Cannons Marsh. Being Bristol born and bred, I've always enjoyed the dock plans of the two locations. My thoughts were to use an extended "L" shape, as this is what room I have. With modelers license I've turned the transfer sheds by 90 degrees, and add exchange sidings. I know in reality the exchange sidings where located elsewhere with in the system.
    From the plan attached, I'm asking what would protect the BR(WR) line crossing over the two intersection at points "A" and "B" ?


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    No problem with the location - we can always move it later if required as it develops.

    Sorry I can't help with the query on the PW protection - hopefully one of our PW guru's ( @Dog Star ) will see the query.
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    There would be a trap point between A and BR (W).There may be a stop board and a phone connected to the mainline box either at the exchange sidings or at B to get permission to proceed, not sure if there may be a shunt signal at that location in lieu of the stop board.
  4. Thank you Phil for your suggestions