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    Hello All,
    Thank you for your recent kind remarks about Bredon.
    I thought I would take this opportunity to give you some further details regarding its history since withdrawing from the exhibition circuit.
    On retirement Peco offered to house it temporarily at Pecorama where it remained on exhibition way beyond the initial agreement of eighteen months. They retained it for a period of around ten years though not always on display. As I was living in a small flat at the time and working away the arrangement with Peco suited my purposes.
    In 1996 I bought myself a small cottage in Herefordshire and acquired a 10x8 ‘shed’(more a summer house really) and Peco returned the layout to me and its new home.
    As a consequence of discussions with Kevan Bettison and Tim Ingman, former members of the Bredon team, it was decided to give the layout a new lease of life by adding a 16ft extension (using Scaleway track and not Setrack) and full scale computer drawn plans were produced. It soon became clear however that we were going to have problems finding somewhere to build and store the layout which would have a minimum length of 20 feet.

    Bredon extension WT.jpg

    As time went on Tim and I developed a liking for ‘O’ gauge and we decided to move in that direction instead which left Bredon with no future.

    Last November I sold the layout to Keith Pearson who is very much into digital loco sounds and was responsible for recording and installing the sound chip for the Lionheart Trains pannier. He is going to exhibit Bredon once again using it to demonstrate his approach to digital sound and control. He lives on the Isle of Wight and I am making occasional visits to restore the layout for him while he deals with the electrics and digital control.


    Bredon Station WT .jpg tunnel entrance WT.jpg branch sidings WT.jpg
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    Good to see you've finally made it onto here Allan!

    See you tomorrow

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    Welcome to Western Thunder Woody and what an excellent first post!

    I remember Bredon appearing in the Railway Modeller all those years ago and it was leagues ahead of most of the stuff being published at the time.

    Glad to know it still lives on and thanks for posting those pictures - they're very inspirational!


  4. Dikitriki

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    Hi Allan

    I think the scenery on the top two pictures is absolutely magnificent, Pendonesque. I thought the b&w photos you posted were great, but seeing the scenery in colour shows just how well observed the landscape was.

    Do you have any more colour photos you can post?


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    Welcome aboard, Woody! That was some "Extension" that was planned there!!

    I too remember Bredon; as I said before - the 'train set' that was anything BUT a train set!! :thumbs:
    Good to know it's still around.
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    Hi Woody and welcome, some more photos of Bredon would go down very well.


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    Yes, it has taken some time for me to pull my finger out!
    See you tomorrow.
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    Thanks for the welcome Dan and for your kind remarks.
    I was reluctant to let it go but at least I am still in contact with the layout.
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    Hello Richard,
    I will try and sort out a few more. It was returned from Peco with some slight damage so I will need to straighten out a lamp post or two in Photoshop first.

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    Thanks for the welcome. I retrospect I wish we had sorted the problems of where to build and store and built the extension.The whole I feel would have made a great exhibition piece.

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    Thanks for the welcome Jordan. In retrospect I wish we had sorted the where to build and store problems and built the extension because I think the whole would have made a good exhibition piece.

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    Thank you for the welcome Mike. The last photo session took place shortly after the layout was returned from Peco.
    Unfortunately no cosmetic restoration was carried out first. I will, however, post some more photos.

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    Sensational Woody and I to would love to see some more pics mate
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    A belated welcome Allan :thumbs:

    I too would love to see some more pictures please ?.

    Steve :cool:
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    I have always really admired this layout from when it appeared in Railway Modeller. I only wish I had known it was on show at Peco as I would so much like to have seen it. If I knew it was going to be at an exhibition I would make every effort to go!
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    Cracking layout this, had no idea it was on here when I signed up and wrote my introductory post.
    Do we know what happened with it, last authors post was 5 years ago.
    I’m looking forward to building my take on it.
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  18. Woody

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    Hello Ade,
    Bredon is now in the ownership of Keith Pearson on the Isle of Wight. He used to provide the sound cards for Lionheart Trains and is now producing them for Dapol as well as selling direct. If you logon to his website (Mr Sound Guy) you can see Bredon in operation.


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    Thanks Woody I’ll take a look. Sounds like it’s gone to a good home.
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