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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Brian Daniels, 15 May 2014.

  1. Brian Daniels

    Brian Daniels Western Thunderer

    Done a bit of weathering this afternoon. 20162 01.jpg 20162 02.jpg 37425 01.jpg 37425 02.jpg 37425 03.jpg 37692 01.jpg 37692 02.jpg
  2. Brian Daniels

    Brian Daniels Western Thunderer

    Also finished the backhead of the West Country. Think it's ok as I only had the diagram in the instructions to go by.

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  3. 2-Bil

    2-Bil Western Thunderer

    Have you still to install the lubricator trays etc on the backhead? The 4TC and Thumper both very impressive.Shame they're not Green though! Respectfully yours etc etc
  4. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    I believe these were not on the rebuilt Bulleids, as mechanical lubricators were added.
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  5. Brian Daniels

    Brian Daniels Western Thunderer

    Not included in the kit so guess not on the real one?
  6. Silverystreaks

    Silverystreaks Western Thunderer

    Very impressive indeed Brian

    What are the origins of 425...... Im assuming JLTRT
  7. 2-Bil

    2-Bil Western Thunderer

    Two hours after posting , sharp and familiar, an image of the Rebuilds Wakefield Mechanical Lubricators came to mind...........".You and Sunday mornings"they said "never has been your sharpest time of day" "You're right there" i said bluntly." Best lay off that keyboard then"they said " till you're a bit more honed"......................"Nuff said"i said
  8. Brian Daniels

    Brian Daniels Western Thunderer

    It's a Heljan one actually with some DJH cast nose side grills and a Pete Harvey bufferbeam etch plus casting from JLTRT.
  9. Brian Daniels

    Brian Daniels Western Thunderer

    I have just acquired this very nice etched cradle from Pete Harvey Designs for a Warwell so they can carry a Warrior tank. It made up very well and if the weather warms up I should get it painted later. I photographed it on a vac braked JLTRT warwell as my airbraked ones all have vehicles fitted and chained down on them. So I guess I will have to get a Hattons one now to go with this but all I need now is a 7mm Warrior to sit on it. I don't know if ASAM Models do one but theirs will be 1:48 if they do which all my other vehicles are. Only problem is will a 1:48 scale tank sit it's tracks over the cradle, I doubt so personally.

    IMG_9434.JPG IMG_9435.JPG IMG_9437.JPG
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  10. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Personally I'd stick with the 1/48 scale version if it matches the rest of the armour you have otherwise a 1/43 version will stand out. I've noticed this with 1/48 Tamiya military figures when compared with 1/43 figures.
  11. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    You'll be fine - the scale of 1:48 is a larger ratio than 7mm scale (1:43.5), so the model will be physically (slightly) smaller. You may still need to adjust it to fit, but it won't overhang the sides of the cradle; unless the prototype did.

  12. Brian Daniels

    Brian Daniels Western Thunderer

    They are a tight fit in the British loading gauge, loads of restrictions for the driver to observe.

    Flat KWA MODA 95509 Didcot 02.JPG
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  13. Brian Daniels

    Brian Daniels Western Thunderer

    Found a picture of an ASAM 1:48 Warrior so might try and get hold of one.

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  14. Brian Daniels

    Brian Daniels Western Thunderer

    Here is one of my Hobby Holidays Warwells with an ASAM 1:48 vehicle on it. If they are all we can get then that's all we can use.

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  15. Pete Harvey

    Pete Harvey Active Member

    Airfix do a plastic kit in 1:48th of the Warrior.

    I will be adding the Warrior cradle in 4mm & 7mm to my web site soon.
  16. Brian Daniels

    Brian Daniels Western Thunderer

    New year resolution is to update my workbench thread quicker than every 2 years!!!!!
    Weathered a couple of Heljan 50's recently. The blue one is a sample model Heljan did that was supplied with no motors so makes doubleheading easier. As it's dead I decided to do one that had the headlight blank on it. Unfortunately it still had sandbox fillers and wind deflectors so these were dully made and fitted.
    Also weathered a Heljan 37/4 for a mate.
    IMG_9177.JPG IMG_9179.JPG IMG_9183.JPG IMG_9186.JPG IMG_9187.JPG IMG_9188.JPG
  17. Al Tait

    Al Tait Western Thunderer

    All very nice Brian. I do like the mods on 50006. As much as I'm not a massive fan of 50's I keep thinking I fancy trying to back date one to a pre tops version with no multiple working jumpers.
  18. Brian Daniels

    Brian Daniels Western Thunderer

    Well here's a little up date on what I've been at recently.
    First up I have up graded a Dapol brakevan to a air and vac blow through job and finally got round to sorting out my DJB Std 4 tank that I built about 15 years ago! I got a decent motor from MSC at Bristol so am running it a bit now to make sure it works ok before stripping the chassis for painting. IMG_9246.JPG IMG_9247.JPG IMG_9250.JPG IMG_9251.JPG
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  19. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    Hi Brian,
    Your diesels are superb as always, but the DJB standard 4MT is a bit of rarity. Would you mind posting a few more pictures before you strip it down to paint the chassis please?

    The DJB kits had a bit of a mixed reputation, but I found the 4MT to be quite a nice kit to build and having subsequently built one from the MOK kit, I think think the DJB one holds up pretty well. Yours looks very nice indeed.
  20. Pannier Tank

    Pannier Tank Western Thunderer

    I think the BR Std 4 Tank was one of the best looking Tank Engines and your model is a uperb representation of it.

    Just noticed your model 80039 went brand new to 1E Bletchley Depot, my Home Town.
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