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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by BrushType4, 9 September 2011.

  1. eastsidepilot

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    One of my long lasting memories of being a very young boy, 6-7 years old, sitting at the kitchen table building model kits, guided by my Father with a Woodbine in the corner of his mouth, flicking up and down as he spoke, the aroma drifting around the room.
    You wouldn't do that nowadays with your child !

  2. BrushType4

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    A little commission job for a fellow thunder this afternoon. I say a 1960’s style concrete prefab garage but may be even earlier.

    The Capri seems to add tons of atmosphere. This will make a great model and plenty of weathering opportunities @Yorkshire Dave ;)

    2C315F61-0BC6-40B7-A71C-4986C20F1FD3.jpeg 0EB6678B-70A9-4FCF-86C1-340812F6CCEA.jpeg 8307D4E1-3CA7-4CC1-B9F7-375BE366F875.jpeg E41D59E2-C6CB-4A70-A4FD-52B6B69C2ABB.jpeg 35C545FF-F867-4C76-A22E-422B97D906B7.jpeg 24CADBA8-296A-4110-800F-AA1E5A8C62D4.jpeg
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  3. eastsidepilot

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    Nice one Phil, used to see those garage's everywhere, it's the type where you have to get out of the car, shut the door and push the car in :D

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  4. BrushType4

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    I think they have had more than one mirror off cars over the years!
  5. Al Tait

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    That'll fill a little gap rather nicely......................
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  6. BrushType4

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    A dabble in 4mm for a commission today. Damn it feels small!

    E6D2F50A-1CBD-47A6-BD35-D0BB12E80451.jpeg 44BD40E1-5CB5-4C8C-A6B8-724F050F77D1.jpeg FEDBD2DD-B0C4-4F48-86F0-455042623CBF.jpeg
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    Hi Phil,

    Recognised that delightful little building straight away!

    Here is my Nan Ivy's photo of her great friend standing just in front of it in 1951:

    mrs h. j. 'hughie' williams of ''awel-y-mor'' - 4, coventry terrace, park road. 1951.jpg

  8. BrushType4

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    100% correct. Fantastic spot.
  9. BrushType4

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    The prototype is built so it is a bit rough and the roof isn't quite right as its over scale. I'll have a look for something better.

    118222799_335618000928516_7891920370061431288_n.jpg 118020172_601094907221005_5495087066578259326_n.jpg
  10. simond

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    And there will be a whole generation of modellers wondering why you've built something so obviously old, but with social distancing provisions fitted...

  11. BrushType4

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    It looks like it has a bit of a face.
  12. BrushType4

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    Recut and tweaked but still with over scale roof.

    E5852006-6866-4CA2-BC14-1E45A298B362.jpeg AF539FD0-5ECF-4166-84A9-78DA707BFF28.jpeg 5522E128-A862-4FD2-B290-77C522D6815F.jpeg E8312CB2-B86F-480A-9E08-0697646895C1.jpeg
  13. BrushType4

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    A bit of LNWR on the workbench this morning.


    Living hinge cut in to the MdF to allow for the curve.


    Overlays glued on. Window frames and door loose fitted until after detailing and painting.

    Sone black and white atmosphere pictures.
    The prototype
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    That’s really nice

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  15. BrushType4

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    A couple of projects on the workbench today.

    First up, a garden shed for a fellow thunder.
    BFEDAD7D-E40C-49C3-BA51-AC69D60E309D.jpeg 54839725-4200-4F6A-BC5C-2F75634B49F5.jpeg

    And going through the Intentio paint shop, an L&Y signal box. Partially built and primer added.
    81CABF67-D7E2-4AAF-87BE-64BB4B6ADD5F.jpeg C7E318D1-3E19-4B02-B532-591DFC63F3AC.jpeg EB4F2B9E-13FC-486F-9335-7F110E88FADC.jpeg
  16. simond

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    what thickness are the steps, please?

  17. BrushType4

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    1mm mdf
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  18. Pencarrow

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    Like the garden shed Phil, but is it a bit low or the gardener a bit tall? Either way I can see some banged heads...:p
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  19. Yorkshire Dave

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    Hence the cross-eyed look. :)
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  20. BrushType4

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    The work of Nikki Wilkes who is using my laser engraved stone sheets to scratch build a Mill House.

    118815226_1449145125283145_3234727148779918219_n.jpg 118792769_1449145155283142_5819108097669798194_n.jpg 118845775_1449145081949816_7292042157013294504_n.jpg 118796104_1449145071949817_8264623563939179113_n.jpg

    As we are using the laser to produce the parts, we are considering making this into a kit. It would be a bit more expensive than usual but would there be any interest?