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Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Dave Bowden, 30 April 2020.

  1. Dave Bowden

    Dave Bowden Western Thunderer

    Last year I bought 2 buffer end stops for my garden railway from Michael Newlove and I'm at a stage now with the railway to fit them.

    So two photos, first one is as they come out of the packet, and the second one as worked on by me. This involved stripping it down and treating the rails with Birchwood Casey, then when dry giving them a fine coat of oil.

    Changing the sleepers to the same well worn ones from my stock, and painting the headstock in Acrylic black and the face in red, followed by a coat of silky vanish.

    MN Buffer Stop.JPG
    Buffer end stop_1.jpg
    Buffer end stop_3.jpg
    I still have the other one to treat the same shortly.
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  2. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    It might just be me, & feel free to ignore or ridicule as appropriate, but has the headstock been fitted to the wrong side after painting?
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  3. Dave Bowden

    Dave Bowden Western Thunderer

    Hi Jordan you are correct and luckily it isn't permanently fixed so I was able to fit it on the correct side.
    Thank you for raising it. New photo shortly
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  4. Dave Bowden

    Dave Bowden Western Thunderer

    Here's the updated photo with the buffer beam on the correct side.

    Buffer End Stop_2.jpg

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  5. Dave Bowden

    Dave Bowden Western Thunderer

    Here are two additional buffer end stops I inherited with the railway. Can anyone shed some light on what they are and from what region.

    The short one has Cliff Barker's sleepers on it,but looking at CB's website it doesn't look like one of his.
    Old End Stop_1.jpg
    Old End Stop_2.jpg
    Old End Stop_3.jpg
    Old End Stop_4.jpg
    I'm have problems loading images from my Opera browser in that WT says there are errors loading photos, so I've switched back to Firefox/Bing and it works fine from there.
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  6. Overseer

    Overseer Western Thunderer

    The larger one looks like an LNWR/LMS buffer stop. If it had a radius in the diagonal propping rails under the buffer beam instead of the kinks it could be GER. The small one would be for a minor siding but I don't recognise it.
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  7. ken martin

    ken martin Member

    The long one is one of my GWR stops minus the w/metal chairs that were glued on.This was their weakness so, many years ago I got them cast as complete sides (lh & rh) ready for pinning to your own sleepers.Still available ,£24 a set +buffer beam.
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  8. Dave Bowden

    Dave Bowden Western Thunderer

    Having now received replacement parts for the second buffer I have now BC treated it and re-assembled it so here's a photo of both together.
    Buffer End Stops.jpg
    The one on the left was the original one.
  9. 3 LINK

    3 LINK Western Thunderer

    These buffers are GWR and look identical to your lower photos.


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