Building the JLTRT Rebuilt Royal Scot

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    Well, I know I'm not yet, but I'm getting ahead on my research. I don't know which one will receive my gentle ministrations as I saw most of them but perhaps the elusive "Black Watch" - one of those nirvana locos for enthusiasts at the southern end of the WCML and a loco I never saw. Which is absolutely opposite to my reasons for building everything else!

    However, this first post of many I'm certain is to ask if anyone is aware of a previously documented build. I'm more than happy to be the virgin in this territory but it's always helpful to have other views.

    Answers on a post card, please. Preferably written with a quill. If not homing pigeon on rice paper will do. Very tasty after you've received the message.:D

    Ta ever so.

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  2. Heather Kay

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    I started a build back in 2015/16.

    7mm - On Heather's Workbench - a rebuilt Scot

    It was not completed, for various obvious reasons. Laurie would like me to finish it, but it’s definitely not high on my list of priorities.
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  3. oldravendale

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    Bless you, Heather!

    It's not just your report of your build experience which is helpful, it's the references. I have a few but it gives me quite a few to which I can refer.

    Many thanks indeed.

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  4. Ian@StEnochs

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    I built Scottish Borderer from the JLTRT Kit. One of the locos I remember, just, from my spotting days when the Scots were being replaced on the Thames Clyde Express St Enoch to Leeds by the A3s. By then most Scots were a bit unkempt and that is how I finished mine.

    The build was very straightforward with no real issues. The instructions are basic and there are bits missed out or glossed over but then I always approach a kit build the same way I would a model from scratch. I had the super detail kit which is very comprehensive, identifying the castings took a while and I had quite a lot of extra bits left over to feed the spares box. I don't recall having any problems with bits not fitting, just the usual fiddling with clearances. The resin boiler is very good, saves a lot of work but a bu##er on drills. I discarded the resin cab roof in favour of a proper brass one. A personal choice but I prefer to solder whenever possible.

    Mine is S7 and I used the supplied spacers. All the wheels are sprung, Slaters fine standard drivers thinned down,re-profiled and fitted on telescopic axles but the bogie wheels are from the S7 group production. I chose not to fit a crank axle but did put in the centre cylinder and motion but most of it is invisible on the finished model. I fixed the valve gear in forward but well notched up just as she would have been when she passed a mini me on Mauchline platform!

    Sorry but I never took any photos of the build as it was done for fun!


    Edited to add, I found the Wild Swan profile of the Scots invaluable. Lots of useful original drawings with dimensions.

    Scottish Borderer Ex JLTRT kit (2).JPG
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  5. oldravendale

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    Many thanks Ian. My builds don't quite match up to yours but the lack of problems during your build is a great comfort in itself. So is the knowledge that there'll be quite a few bits left over which will avoid me trying to find homes for most of them.

    I'd normally use split axle/sprung wheels but in this case I have a set of AGH wheels which, I believe, precludes the split axle bit. Never having used AGH wheels previously that'll be a bit of a learning curve. My second favourite for pick ups is via the tender wheels and that looks, at first sight, quite possible. We'll see and I'll document as I go along.

    Still work to do on the King Arthur but I certainly expect to have the Royal Scot out on my bench within the next couple of weeks. Still need a decision on which one, though. It'll doubtless come to me in a dream.:)

    That's certainly a lovely looking build, Ian. I remember them well on the WCML in good and usually clean condition. Suddenly they were gone and replaced by what became Class 40s. We'd then see them in appalling condition on the GC main line out of Marylebone. They didn't last long!

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  6. Lancastrian

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  7. Yorkshire Dave

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    Just to whet the appetite some of my dad's early 60s photos. The two colour slides are Hemel Hempstead & Boxmoor and the B&W is Leighton Buzzard.

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  8. oldravendale

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    Thanks for the advice, Ian.

    I have LMS Loco Profikes No 1 which is for the Rebuilt Royal Scots only. I believe the later volume is expanded and also covers the engines pre-rebuild. I think the volume I have gives enough info for this build and I have plenty of photos from any number of sources when I need them.

    I much appreciate the advice, though.

  9. Ian@StEnochs

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    I have the 1st edition which only covers the taper boiler rebuilt engines. More than enough info to scratch build let alone detail a kit!

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  10. oldravendale

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    Thanks Ian.

    I believe your comments are good from my perspective. I have lots of photos - I was going to say hundreds but I've told myself a million times not to exaggerate - but I'll bet I'm not far short - of Rebuilt Royal Scots. The drawings in the volume 1 are fantastic and your comments give me the confidence to proceed with what I have.

    I've decided on the loco too. It'll be 46127 "Old Contemptibles". I remember wondering at the name when I first saw it and now, of course, understand the history. I'll now go through my photos to confirm whether the nameplate was "Old Contemptibles" or "The Old Contemptibles".

    I was very fond of the Scots. Always reminded me of a heavy weight boxer, sort of short and pugnacious and with a couple of cauliflower ears. Not beautiful locomotives but powerful enough for their size.

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  11. oldravendale

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    Moving on...... Further research shows that the loco name was definitely "Old Contemptibles" (no "The"). I've found a really good photo held by Rail Photoprints - for those interested see Steam Nameplates | 46127 Nameplate 1962 DA442

    However I suspect that this may cause the chosen loco to fall at the first hurdle. So far I've found no-one who lists this nameplate, and as it's in the form of a badge it may present some difficulties in production. Certainly Severn Mill don't list it. Much as I'd like to build this specific loco this is the one thing which may trip it up.

    I can start a phone round - Narrow Planet and Guilplates come to mind immediately. Are there any other thoughts?

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  12. Ian@StEnochs

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    The crests were cast on the Scots and were quite 3 dimensional which does not reproduce very well in a 2D etching, certainly in 7mm scale. That was why I chose Scottish Borderer for my Scot, no crest!

    Ian_C has been experimenting with 3D printed number plates for his 8f. Could that be a way of getting the 3D relief on a crest? Could it be printed in a metallic brass?

    I have no experience of 3D printing but am looking for a way of reproducing the cast worksplate which adorned Whiteleggs rebuilds on the G&SWR.

  13. oldravendale

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    The good news! The "Old Contemptibles" nameplates are in the Narrow Planet Thatcher Plates Catalogue. I sent them an email at 10.45 and had a reply at 10.56. How's that for service?

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  14. oldravendale

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    Oh............A surfeit of riches.

    Guilplates can do them too. And to their credit the reply was at 14.14.:)

  15. oldravendale

    oldravendale Western Thunderer

    And now Diane Carney has confirmed that she can produce the plates as well.

    We're served pretty well by the trade in the UK aren't we?

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  16. David Boorman

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    For my sins I was one of the group of people that developed the JLTRT kit - and I built three of them for you can guess who. The group were widely distributed geographically. I may be able to provide some insight into things you may find. I'd be happy to pass on thoughts etc. If you are interested please e-mail

    Cheers, David
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  17. oldravendale

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    Hello David, and thank you for your kind offer which I've bookmarked.

    I will be in touch!!

  18. Len Cattley

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    Brian just come across an old close up photo "Old Contemptibles". If your interested I can scan it and send it to you.

  19. oldravendale

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    Hello again Len.

    Thank you for that kind offer. I'll certainly appreciate seeing the picture. I'm discovering that "Old Contemptibles" was not photographed very often!


  20. Len Cattley

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    I had to take a photo as my computer is being repaired.
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