Building the JLTRT Rebuilt Royal Scot

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by oldravendale, 21 May 2020.

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    Firstly, I've cleaned up those overlays with Viakal and it's worked perfectly. Thank you Ian! No photos of these yet, but they will follow.

    Using all the info and suggestions provided I've built up and soldered the bogie together. It looks pretty good to me.

    Top side:


    Upside down.


    And fitted to the (as yet without the overlays) frames.

    IMG_20200918_163313705.jpg IMG_20200918_163332005.jpg

    As everything so far has resolved I'm not going to stress about this yet, but I'll be checking the clearances against the adjacent frame spacer at every opportunity throughout the remainder of the chassis build.


    Thanks to all who have helped me get this far. Mojo is largely restored.

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    I am catching up with several threads now I am back at the railway room with house attached (after 9 months!) and this one is most fascinating. I too remember Scots on the WCML at Tamworth, and the comment that they performed well with heavy loads is very true.

    Keep it going! Paul
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    Thanks for the comment, Paul.

    Not a great deal to report. I tried using the Mitchell hornguides but found the instructions confusing and can't get on with them. I have a set of Finney7 hornguides now and will use those instead.

    In the meantime I've built the basics of the cab - photos herewith. Seats etc are installed but further detailing is to follow. There's still more to do to finish it but all fits well. I'm intending to use the etched roof rather than the cast one - a choice is included in the kit.

    IMG_20200930_165306837.jpg IMG_20200930_165336359.jpg

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  4. Ian@StEnochs

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    Hi Brian,

    I used the etchings too. The resin roof would save quite a lot of quite tricky bending and fitting but attaching it permanently to the quite delicate cab sides could be problematic. Solder just doesn’t work on resin!

  5. oldravendale

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    That's good to know, Ian. I tried the cast roof but mine was a bit too flat in profile. It would probably have sorted itself out with a bit of judicious heating in a water bath but the etched roof looks so much finer. Those cab sides are indeed quite delicate and I've yet to fit the beading and handrails!

    I'm interested to know whether you used the Mitchell horn guides. I suspect I've simply failed to understand the Mitchell hornguide instructions. There must be many people who've used them successfully so I suspect that any issue really is down to me.

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    Nice clean work sir.

    If you think those cab sides are delicate then try the Finney7 47xx ;)
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  7. oldravendale

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    From one of the few solder free men that is praise indeed.

    Funnily enough, Mick, I have one of those in the stash. Having given mine up for Finney7 research I'll be able to start work on it once those castings are completed. That all seems quite close now.:)

  8. chigley

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    nice build brian, but wheres all the solder ?. Ken
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    Some people say the kindest things........:D

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    Just as an update - there's been no progress since my last post as there's been some garden work going on. Unfortunately our contractor didn't do the greatest job and was sent home on Friday. We'll be dealing with the shortcomings for a while yet. I'll put more on here as soon as I can spend some time in the workshop.

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    I will need to bookmark this thread Brian, as it looks like Santa is bringing me one of these this year. When it surfaces it will be The Duke of Wellington Regiment (West Ridning).
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    Hope I get to move it on again before Christmas, Rob!:)

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