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Discussion in 'Talk' started by Scale7JB, 27 March 2018.

  1. Scale7JB

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    The X1-D? No it's a different mount... And new lenses are far more compact.
  2. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    I didn't even know Cambridge Audio were still in business, but they are and appear to make an award winning range of equipment. Since I might well be looking for new amplification later this year I think they'll go on the short list.
  3. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    Aah, you're thinking of the Exposure and Leema gear we spent so much time listening to, I guess? With Naim in the frame as well as Creek, there's some stonking British gear around at the moment.

    So too is the Fuji X-Pro2, and it's smaller, lighter and has some interesting tricks thanks to it's non-Bayer sensor. I'm using the logic of 'the best camera is the one I have with me' and I can't see me lugging about a brute like a Hasselblad!

    There is a great deal of choice in the market at the moment, some real gems and even the odd bargain out there. It's always good fun going through the research and auditioning stage. I almost envy you; I'm a set of speakers and a couple of cables away from being 'done'. :)

  4. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    In the late 60's/70s I used to sell and repair ( quite regularly ) Cambridge audio P40/50/60/100 amongst other names.
    Built this comparator, used to have some fun confusing the customers as to which was the Quad and which was the Sinclair kit amp.


    Do they still gold plate 13a plugs and fuses ?

  5. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    Some do, yes. There's also cryogenically treated versions!

    Some early Sugden stuff in that photo as well?

  6. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    So would I have to re-wire my house ?

    Used to stock most makes - Quad, Leak, Rogers, Thorens, Dual, Sugden, SME, Shure, Ortofon, Lowther, Goodmans, KEF, Celestion etc.


    We even had a Keith Monks record cleaning machine.


  7. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    Again, some do... ;)

    The SME 3012 is a bit of a classic and the Keith Monks machine is a beauty. He was exhibiting at the Bristol show again this year and was very entertaining. I could do with one of those record cleaning machines myself. :rolleyes:

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  8. Martin Shaw

    Martin Shaw Western Thunderer

    Since I'm at least twenty years older than you, this is likely my last selection, and thanks of my late father, probably the only one where budget is not the first consideration. I am an inveterate Quad user through both my professional and personal experience and whilst the Artera looks the business, I'm not wholly convinced by the front end bolt ons. I really only need and want CD and FM input, the multi digital format inputs are a waste of money for me, so it looks like an interesting few months. I like the sound of the KEF references I've got so I want to keep them. Gold plated mains plugs, spare me from the Hi-Fi worlds worst b******s. As a PS a pair of Radford monoblocks would suit nicely.
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  9. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    I can understand wanting to simplify - for me FM is a non-starter as the local reception isn't good enough to run my Micromega tuner. I'm happy enough with CD, and vinyl of course. This last hi-fi show did start to convince me of the audio value of some of the 'hi-res' digital formats and I'm already using Chromecast Audio instead of the radio, so I'm starting to investigate now, before I decide how interested I am...

    There's no way I'd suggest getting rid of a set of Kef Reference speakers, I've always been a fan. And yes there's some very strange ideas in some of the lunatic fringe, balancing speaker cables on drinks bottles to get them off the floor was a particular favourite. At least it was free, I suppose. :))

    You might find those Radfords; there's still strong support for them even if the manufacturing part of the company itself closed down about a decade ago now. My amp (not a Radford) came from their shop; a bargain in their closing down sale, I can't see me ever parting with it and after a service earlier this year that view has been strongly reinforced.

    Happy hunting ;)

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  10. Wagonman

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    Mmmm. I'm still using my wife's Quad gear which we've had for 30-odd years. It's probably better than my ears by now. Come to that I'm still using my old V series 'Blad!

    Lovely photos though, Jonathan.
  11. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    I had a pair of Keith Monk's Audio bookshelf speakers, I don't think that subsequent speakers have come anywhere near their quality and performance. Shame that they went.


  12. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Thanks very much..

    I remember my dad had a pair of Harbeth speakers.. That's probaby going back a bit.. Paired them with some monoblocks that I just can't remember the name of now.

  13. Lancastrian

    Lancastrian Western Thunderer

    I had a Cambridge Audio CD2 way back when ! That was suitably rebuilt and fitted with matched Philips TDA1541A s2 double crown chipsets, four of them for the 16x oversampling. It sounded grand.

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  14. Muddysblues

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    I am a separates Hi Fi Man myself, I run a Denon PMA-250 amp, a Goldring Lenco turntable, knocking the sound out through my Royds Coniston R speakers, these are mounted on Linn K speaker stands, with Linn K speaker cabling, all the inter connector cables are Cambridge Audio.cabling, a great budget system that sounds as good as any mid range system I auditioned in the late 90's early 2000's.

    I have lost touch since, but then again I spend all my money on trains now :drool:

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