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    Still, it was a "proper" train ! It was a private GBRF charter apparently - only had 5 on.

  2. Simon

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    Thank you all for your comments and photographs, I had a great day - mostly spent talking:rolleyes:

    Currently sat around the table drinking tea, discussing life the universe and model trains and reviewing Steve's pictures of the day with Cookie and Kernow while Lesley bakes more fruit cakes - a gentle start tomorrow morning with no settting up to do.

    MRJ 216 did arrive in the end, Paul Karau visited with Ann, June and Daisy; Gerry and Linda Beale did sterling work with the books, and I was delighted to welcome friends Peter and Ginny Barnfield for the first visit to Camrail in many years plus a very good turnout of Western Thunderers and lots of other people. These including Bryan Chalker, Bath's just retired Mayor who is a fantastically down to earth bloke with a great idea for a Bath Industrial Museum. Daifly and Tim worked incredibly hard in the kitchen with Lesley, eight loaves of bread were converted into numerous sandwiches and gallons of tea were brewed.

    A brilliant bonus was meeting Chris Nevard who managed to make his first visit to Camrail and brought his very lovely Polbrook as a double bonus - great model and very nice chap.

    It is really quite a fantastic and flattering feeling when people all pitch up to an event you have (ahem) organised, I really view the whole thing as a giant tea drinking railway themed party - it was a hoot, thanks to all again.

    Great hobby, great friends, great family and great visitors - 0ff to kip quite soon now:)

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    Glad it was a Grand day for all ,would have liked to gone to the show but at a 200 mile round trip a little bit out of the way for me Looking forward to some more images :thumbs:
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    Hi Simon,

    I'm so glad it all went okay, and I'm really sorry I missed it. I started off yesterday morning in plenty of time to get to the venue by 11am, but 30 miles from home (it's a 340 mile round trip) the oil warning light on my bike came on, followed by a nasty clanking rattle from the back of the engine. Four hours later I was back home courtesy of the RAC! I think the drive pin to the oil pump rotor has failed.

    I know the show was on today as well, but being a churchwarden I have duties on Sundays, and we had a baptism today with an extra 60 guests.

    I was looking forward to meeting some more WT'ers, comparing coach building techniques, and, from the look of the photos, seeing some supurb modelling. Hopefully next year I'll get there.

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    An unusual loco was brought in and shown by an elderly gentleman. Entirely scratchbuilt apart from the wheels, everything was made of copper. The cylinders were from gas piping, the dome from a pipe end-stop. The cab brake lever actually applied the brakes. Barely a hint of solder visible anywhere. Exquisite.
    Check shirt courtesy of S. Castens. Exquisite? You decide!
    IMG_0132s.jpg IMG_0135s.jpg
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    Hi folks,

    My first posting on here for ages but just got back from 2 fantastic days at Camrail. I was supposed to be doing a demo on 3mm scale modelling but spent most of the time talking to punters or friends. It's thanks to Cookie that I'm back on here and we may see my brother Richard join up too (he was sat beside me making 7mm Plastikard wagons). For those who've not been before it is by far the friendliest to go to as an exhibitor and the catering is just great. I'll try and post a few of the photos I took on here tomorrow.....a curry and ice cold beer is a priority:). The copper pug on Daifly's post is an incredible piece of work. No machine tools and all soldered up over a gas ring I believe.:bowdown:

    Another great show Simon, well done and hope it made a few quid for the Railway Children:thumbs:
  7. Bob

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    As promised, a few pics from the weekend.

    First, Chris Nevard's Polbrook. The hazy photographic backscene is particularly effective.

    DSCF2841.JPG DSCF2850.JPG DSCF2851.JPG

    My own humble effort, one of the boards for Chipping Compton. The buildings on the left are only placed for display purposes and not in their final positions. The pannier is a Brynkits kit. On the left is the sum total of my activites for the weekend, a Parkside/3mm Society Lowmac.


    Andy Cundick's model of the most westerly railhead in Europe. The windswept terminus of Valentia Harbour.


    Last but by no means least is John Greenwood's incredible 2mm Wenford Bridge. Apart from the scratchbuilt Beattie well tank, beautiful trackwork and scenery there's a working crane which loads timber onto a tractor and trailer or containers onto a Scammell Mechanical horse & trailer. If that's not enough they drive away off scene most convincingly:bowdown:

    DSCF2863.JPG DSCF2865.JPG DSCF2866.JPG
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    Hi Bob. Thanks for posting those images . Is Chipping Compton 14.2 mm ?
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    On the Sunday morning, at Bradford on Avon station - about 100 metres from Camrail - this went through. It looked, smelled, sounded JLTRT - cos it was!

    Thanks to Simon C. for telling me that it was happening.

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  10. Bob

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    Hi, No it's 12mm. I did contemplate going 14.2 but I had the track and loco's etc and too little time to switch at least for this project. The 3mm Society are doing a competition for the 5oth anniversary in 2015 so hope to put something together for then and as it will be a stand-alone project based on a 1960's coal yard (rather than my usual 1950's WR country branch lines). It should be a case of a couple of diesel shunters (already got in kit form) and re-wheeling my stash of Parkside 16 ton minerals and ex-PO coal wagons. Should be fun:cool:.

  11. Steve Cook

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    Having just got back from Simon's this afternoon, thought I'd stick up some photos (some good, some bad) of Camrail from the beginning to the end, you'll just have to work on the principle of better late than never!

    It was a cracking weekend, Saturday and the 'Show and Tell' table being a particular highlight - it was good to meet the WT members who turned up and put a face to the avatars :) To my shame, I haven't actually got any photos of the show and tell table, I spent too much time talking to everybody who brought stuff and still managed to miss JimG and Jamiepage when they left the show.

    A quick rewind back to the beginning - the setting up well underway

    setting up 1.JPG

    Almost ready in Titfield Land, just the last few books to get out and a 'train set' style layout to build for the boys

    Almost Ready 48.JPG

    Everybody in place and everything ready for the show start (apart from the show and tell table - that needed things to show)

    Ready for opening 2.JPG

    The camera shy 'Captain, Tea Maker and Sandwich Guru at your service' - top sandwiches this year Tim :thumbs:

    Sandwich maker and tea guru extrodinaire 3.JPG

    Safety briefing from the man in charge 'Emergency exits are located, here, here and here'

    Fire exits are here 8.JPG

    Wenford Bridge Goods Depot (2mm FineScale). Bloomin' marvellous layout, locos smaller than your thumb, tractors that move even smaller than that and a crane that loads and unloads. Just like Bob said above, jaw droppingly good. John Greenwood (the owner) was also fantastically helpful, answering all of my questions whilst maintaining an air of modesty that belies the skill involved in getting things that small to work properly. Combine John, Jerry Clifford and the layout and you have something which falls into the 'Definitely Distracting' camp...

    wenford bridge depot 4.JPG

    wenford bridge depot 5.JPG

    Bishopsmead. A stalwart of the Camrail show, Ted Olney's layout represents an era when everything had to be kit built, scratch built or modified - nothing on the layout is straight from a box and it shows up in the level of variety on offer. Operated to an intense service (except when I was operating on Sunday afternoon), there is always something moving and its a firm favourite of many.

    Bishopsmead 6.JPG

    Bob (do you have to take my photo) and Rich Brown, regular demonstrators at Camrail. Bob is great 3mm modeller (see his photo of the station board for his layout somewhere above) whilst Rich makes superb wagons from platicard. Both are extremely talented, funny and good company - perfect for a spot of socialising and motivation / inspiration.

    Bob and Rich Brown 7.JPG

    All good to go, get the doors open

    Opening Time 9.JPG

    Part 2 to come in a bit

  12. Steve Cook

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    Christopher Payne's wonderful Portpyn layout

    Portpyn 10.JPG

    Portpyn 11.JPG

    Portpyn 12.JPG

    Secondhand stuff available from Robin Tett and Dave

    Robin Tett 13.JPG

    Back to Wenford Bridge

    wenford bridge depot 14.JPG

    Starting to get busy in the hall

    Spot the punters 15.JPG

    The show and tell table gets some action as Cynric and JimG discuss the finer points of using machines to produce works of art ,whilst Steph describes the 'old fashioned' ways of producing works of art by cutting out by hand.

    Cynric and JimG 16.JPG

    Jamie Page joins in (the coach chassis looks even better in the flesh and drew many, many favourable comments)

    Cynric JimG Jamie Page 17.JPG

    At which point Chris Nevard turned up with Polbrock

    Polbrock 18.JPG

    Polbrock 19.JPG
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    Excellent pics Steve, looks like it was a very sucessful show:thumbs:. Well done Simon and eveyone else who helped:thumbs: , a credit to you all.

    Just a shame its a bit too far for me :(

  14. Steve Cook

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    If you weren't sure what the size difference between 4mm and 1/32 was

    4mm vs Gauge 1 20.JPG

    Polbrock 21.JPG

    Following the Captains suggestion and Chris' permission

    Arsing around 22.JPG

    Slightly out of sequence, but Polbrock really does fall into the 'Have layout, will travel' category

    Have layout will travel 23.JPG

    Some of Peter Barnfields fantastical contraptions on Dick Dorton's Ardleigh Noel

    Peter Barnfield Creations 25.JPG

    Peter Barnfield Creations 24.JPG

    Ardleigh Noel in a quiet moment Sunday morning - 20 minutes later it was live steam-a-running

    Ardleigh Noel Dick Dorton 26.JPG

    Nottingham Goods by Dave Barrett. Beautifully done, and great to be able to walk around and view on three sides. Showed me up to be needing more camera practise, these are the only two photos I've got worth posting

    Nottingham Goods 27.JPG

    Nottingham Goods 28.JPG

    One of the 'biggies', Wyandotte Siding' by Ken Smith, nice to see some great liveries and a bit of space given over to modelling

    Wyandotte Siding 29.JPG
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    Fantastic pics - is Mr Nevard listening out for an approaching train? :cool:

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  16. Steve Cook

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    Wyandotte Siding from the other end

    Wyandotte Siding 30.JPG

    The windswept and bleakness that is Valencia Harbour by Andy Cundick - you can 'feel' the atmosphere already despite it being a work in progress

    Valencia Harbour 31.JPG

    Valencia Harbour 32.JPG

    Barnwood Junction by Martyn Normanton, making their exhibition debut at Camrail. Proper length trains (apologies for not having any photos of these) and a good crew to share a beer with after the show

    Barnwood Junction 33.JPG

    Barnwood Junction 34.JPG

    Barnwood Junction 35.JPG

    Smaller member of the Castens family re-arranging a few cars on the train set

    Charlie sets up 36.JPG

    Back to Bishopsmead

    Bishopsmead 37.JPG

    Irish Tram(way) frenzy now, the lovely models of Chris (Dad and Builder) and Dennis (painter) running on 'Black Rock'.

    Tram u like 39.JPG

    Tram u like 38.JPG
  17. Steve Cook

    Steve Cook Flying Squad

    More tramage

    Tram u like 40.JPG

    Tram u like 41.JPG

    Steph and Dave drink tea in a quiet moment on the DCC demo stand

    Steph and Dave drink Tea 42.JPG

    whilst Mike, deserted by Dave (Finney) and Nick (Smith) does the same on the Finney and Smith Emporium

    Mike at Finney and Smith drinks tea 43.JPG

    Another pop back to Wenford Bridge

    wenford bridge depot 44.JPG

    And that was it - top entertainment, much laughter and happiness, vast quantities of tea and food, new friends and old friends - must be time to pack up then, show over :(

    Packing away 45.JPG

    Everything rammed in the Landrover

    Packing away 46.JPG

    we even broke the 'unofficial rule' by not being the last people to pack the vehicles :) There's a first time for everything! Mind you, I think Ted gave us a good run for the money, he has never finished after Simon....

    Packing away 47.JPG

    Cheers for letting me in Simon, and thanks to everyone who came, talked and took the mickey, a great weekend :D
  18. Yorkshire Dave

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    Overall it was a good little show, nice and relaxing with a pub at the end of the day. Good to meet a few more 'Thunderers' and finally thank you to all involved with all aspects of the show:):thumbs: .
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    Hi guys! First post here!
    Great to meet some of you guys last Saturday and for Simon/Tim for letting me gatecrash the show with a trainset!Bit naughty I know so thanks again!

    Here are a few of my snaps, no captions required I'm sure!
    120720_camrail12_DSC_7316_WEB.jpg 120720_camrail12_DSC_7318_WEB.jpg 120720_camrail12_DSC_7329_WEB.jpg
    120720_camrail12_DSC_7338_WEB.jpg 120720_camrail12_DSC_7341_WEB.jpg
  20. Steve Cook

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    Hi Chris
    Welcome to the forum :)
    I reckon I might recognise a few of those people :))