Carson &co unfinished models.

Discussion in 'New members' started by Chris, 28 July 2020.

  1. Chris

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    Hello to you all. I have in my possession several unfinished steam models which were made by my late grandfather around a out 1908 to 1913. He worked in Finchley and mainly for Carson &Co. I believe Bassett lowke took over Carsons . Is it possible to identify these models and do the drawings still exist ?. Any information anyone has would be much appreciated. I have attached a few photos .
    20200728_151553.jpg 20200728_151600.jpg
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  2. SLNCR57

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    Very nice to have! Looks like an LNWR 4-6-0. The items at rear look like marine engines.
  3. Mike W

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    The engine is indeed an LNWR Experiment 4-6-0 and Carson's model came out within months of the real engine. They were made in several scales including 1, 2 and 3. This one isn't Gauge 3 and it looks Gauge 0 to me - can you confirm that? As for the marine engines, no idea, but contemporary model engineer magazines might help to identify them. Carson catalogues do exist, but are very rare and, alas, I don't have one to look them up.

  4. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    Just looked at your photograph again and seen the smokebox front. Is that a flash boiler? If so it is even more unusual and I'd love to see one running - from a safe distance!

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  5. Chris

    Chris Member

    Yes it is a flash boiler. For many years we had no idea how the thing was meant to work but thanks to the internet we do now. I have several other incomplete models as well. One huge three cylinder engine that I believe was a marine engine from a paddle steamer. I do have one surving working drawing for it as well but it is in a very bad state of repair.
    Do you know if the drawings for these models exist anywhere ?
  6. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    Some Carson drawings were published at the time, in magazines. What scale is it and I'll see if I can find it. Does it run on rails 1.25in between, 1.75in between, or 2in between? The drawings will be quite different for each.

  7. Chris

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    Hi thankyou for replying. Just had a measure and the train in the picture measures 1.75in. I also have a 2in as well but it is just the engine and running gear . No body panels or boiler .
    My late father shortly before his death had started working on these shortly before his death and some of the parts may have been lost ! Hence the need for some drawings. Many thanks for taking the time to reply.
    I would dearly love to at least get one of them completed not necessarily in running order but so that it could perhaps be displayed.
  8. Allen M

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    You mention not in running order. Having messed with live steam for about 40 years (in 16mm NG [also called SM32]) there is now way I would try to use one of those brass boilers. They are soft soldered and the brass deteriorates over time and becomes very likely to burst under quite low pressure.
    Many years ago the Gauge O Guild published a couple of books on building and/or upgrading steam locos including Basset Lowke.
    Allen Morgan
  9. Chris

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    No way I would try to use the boiler at all. My late father was aware of the dangers involved in them as I think was my grandfather. The idea was at one point to design a boiler that was either gas powered or to get the engines to work on compressed air.
  10. Chris

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    To be honest I dont know what to do with them until I can find some working drawings for them .
  11. Mike W

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    Not sure about working drawings. I will look and see. However, I have a friend who has a very original example with flash boiler, just like yours. Drop me a PM and I'll see if I can put you in touch. Any 2in gauge (Gauge 2) models are rare these days because nobody uses it any more. Consequently the value is not high because few people want them. The Gauge 1 (1.75in) is a collectors piece but there is a market.

  12. AndyB

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    Sorry for the late reply, but it was only last week when I was able to visit my Dad who has a photocopy of the 1911 Carson catalogue that I could confirm that Carson did make marine engines in single, compound and triple cylinder arrangements. So, it looks as though you may have examples of the first two.
    I now have a scan of the catalogue, but the pages are all mixed up and in different orientations. I will try to extract, crop, orient and collate the relevant pages and post them here - might take another few days.