Cessy-en-Bois: Une petite gare de triage

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  1. Pencarrow

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    Excellent work on the timber Chris. I've never really considered using the foam for buildings and walls. I think though I'd constantly work about damaging the stuff either physically or with chemicals.

    This probably stems back to managing to dissolve a significant section of scenics after adding the "water". Looked fine at first, until the next day when it then didn't... :eek:
  2. chrisb

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    Making slow but steady progress with the goods shed:


    including the interior of the store room:


    The door to the loading bay, second from the left, will be raised so that the interior can be viewed easily:

    and for this I'm experimenting with some forced perspective. The planks in the wooden floor become progressively narrower and slope upwards from front to back and the gaps between the ends of adjacent planks have been formed at an exaggerated angle as the following overhead shot shows:
  3. chrisb

    chrisb Western Thunderer

    Thank you for the generous comments and likes.

    Once painted, the foam becomes much more rigid and once undercoated with an acrylic paint it seems impervious to oils, enamels and thinners at least, which covers most of the bases I'm using. It is, though, still relatively fragile but for a portable layout, the slight weight is a distinct advantage - I can hold up the main board with one hand. And a clear perspex screen will provide protection from physical damage.

    Overall though I'm really enjoying the versatility of blue foam. I think the last photograph in my previous post really highlights what you can do with it: concrete, bricks/blocks, wood and tarmac - basically anything with texture.
  4. NHY 581

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    Delightful modelling Chris.

    The attention to detail is just superb.

  5. Pencarrow

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    Superb as ever, above and beyond for the interior detailing.
  6. Yorkshire Dave

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    A neat idea and would be interesting to see the effect with a HO wagon or van in situ but I fear these may spoil the illusion. I possibly would have started with 4mm scale planks working back to 3.5mm or 3mm scale planks.

    Other than the windows does the storeroom have a visible means of egress from the inside?
  7. adrian

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    I think this is the door - it matches up with the one on the outside
    Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 19.44.36.png
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  8. Yorkshire Dave

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    ...and I thought it was a picture or notice board. Doh!
  9. Ian Smith

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    Stunning!! I don't think any more needs to be said.
  10. chrisb

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    Close-up of the store room windows:

    The window's 'glass' is a microscope slide cover stuck onto the sticky side of a piece of clear packing tape. The bottom left pane in the left hand window was broken by attacking it sharply with a fat pin.
  11. Ian@StEnochs

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    Looks a wee bit like the stick on ‘bullet holes’ you got with petrol in the 70’s!
    Sorry showing my age.

  12. chrisb

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    Lots of detailing completed and still to complete for the goods shed, a lot of it rather mundane unfortunately except for this:

    And in situ:

    The pallet of boxes is from Artitec while the tarpaulin is a piece of Sainsbury's food wrap, sprayed with various shades of Tamiya Nato Green (XF-67) mixed with Tamiya Flat White (XF-2).
  13. simond

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  14. chrisb

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    Yes, apologies, it's "cling film".

    Not an original idea - I think Gordon Gravett used it to create a tarpaulin for one of his open wagons carrying hay on Pempoul plus it seems a commonly used technique on l'autre side.

    There's a very good article about the technique in Loco Revue No. 651 (October 2001), page 26.

    And regarding the printable wood veneer, funnily enough the container in my avatar image was made from exactly this stuff.
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  15. simond

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    Merci Chris,

  16. chrisb

    chrisb Western Thunderer

    A little more detail for the goods shed interior:


    The gantry and hoist were knocked up from styrene, various bits of brass section and thin wire.

    The signs were created in Pages (Apple word pressing package) and then printed onto glossy photo paper. The paper backing was peeled off, two signs glued back to back and then weathered with AK Interactive Rust Effect Colours (AK 551) and trusty Vallejo German Camouflage Black (70822).
  17. Alan

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    The like button cannot express enough my admiration for your modelling. Excellent work.
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  18. NHY 581

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    Super stuff, Chris.
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  19. chrisb

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    As ever, thank you for the kind comments and likes.

    Lots of fiddly detailing underway in between waiting for various applications of paint to dry for the sign on the end of the goods shed:

    For the white background I used Ammo by mig Transparator which is new to me. Officially it's a thinner for creating semi-translucent effects but, unlike a standard thinner, it doesn't change the consistency of the paint. For the lettering I used a stencil to mark the position and outline of the letters which were then filled in with Tamiya acrylics. I used Ammo by mig Oilbrushers (primarily AMIG3501 White and AMIG3509 Medium Grey) to weather and age the sign.

    Only temporarily positioned in place, this photograph shows the current state of play with the goods shed building:

    The large gaping doorway on the front right will have full length corroded metal doors with a cutout at the top for the gantry to extend over the loading dock.
  20. NHY 581

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    Lovely job, Chris.

    Jaw dropped accordingly.

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