Cessy-en-Bois: Une petite gare de triage

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by chrisb, 11 June 2018.

  1. chrisb

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    Some lamps for the halle, all knocked up from odds and ends in the spares box:


  2. chrisb

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    Still working on the detailing of the goods shed, the bungalows/portacabins have been rusted up a fair bit primarily using AK Interactive's Rust Effect Colours (AK551) and mounted onto the concrete loading dock base:

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  4. Alan

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    Stunning work.
  5. NHY 581

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    Nice work.

  6. chrisb

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    Many thanks for the kind words and likes.

    I mentioned a few posts ago that I was experimenting with a view into the goods shed through an open doorway using forced perspective. For better or worse, here it is:

    The lighting isn't correct since the goods shed roof isn't in place yet and so the illumination is from the main LED strip rather than the interior lights.

    The van is from Ree (réf. WB-518), slightly butchered to reveal the interior:
  7. NHY 581

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    Everything about the last two images just says top quality modelling. A simple ' like' is not enough.

    Very much a fan of this layout. A level of detail and a look to aspire to. Inspirational.

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  8. Yorkshire Dave

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    Looks like an ex USATC van designed to carry men and their horses.
  9. chrisb

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    That's very kind of you Rob, but steady on lad!:)

    A couple more shots of the goods shed temporarily in place showing the gantry and bay door as well as steps and safety railing to the loading dock platform:


    The end is in sight with only the remaining doors to add along with some lights above the loading dock, some downspouts and of course the roof, and then some final weathering and detailing.

    In parallel, I've been pfaffing with a nice piece of kit for the 3+loco siding:

    Needed a little bit of work - the wires to the LED were very thick and obvious and had to be replaced and a piece of trim added to the front.
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  10. matto21

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    Lovely work! What is your base colour for the concrete base?

  11. chrisb

    chrisb Western Thunderer

    Thank you for the comments and likes.

    It's Humbrol Matt 028. I basically copied Francois Dubois on this - more details (and loads of inspiration) here.
  12. chrisb

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    A question regarding the curved back scene came up on l'autre side which reminded me, although it may be obvious, I hadn't mentioned another experiment with forced perspective...

    Conscious of the lack of depth to the baseboard (it's only 30cm/12" wide) and something Steve Cook picked up on earlier, I exaggerated the height of scenic items closest to the front of the baseboard. At the right had side, this can most easily be seen in the trees and the yard lamp:

    On the left hand side, this can again be seen in the height of the trees as well as the over-scale height of the goods shed. In the centre there will be another overly tall yard lamp as well as a couple of tall trees at the very front of the layout, their height contrasting with the slightly underscale disused huilerie at the rear.
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    This is also what I plan to do with the back scene behind Moor Street Station. Nothing has been thought through but looking at photos during my time period a lot of post-war building was going on. I am thinking of a half scale or smaller version of the iconic Rotunda being positioned behind other buildings which will actually be similar to stage scenery "flats". One option would be to have the Rotunda under construction, as seen in this photo from warwickshirerailways.com. Although the Rotunda is circular in plan, it may look better if made with ellipsoid floors.
  14. simond

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    See Tim Watson’s thread, re Copenhagen Fields. Recent posts about the roundhouse.

    TFW’s workshop

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  15. Mark F

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    Just spent a little while catching up with this thread having completely missed it until now. Stunning modelling, truly inspirational
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    Another thread added to the library.

    Thank you.
  17. ullypug

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    Just read this from start to finish and I can only echo the comments of others. Simply stunning.
    Your weathering, use of palette and texture is some of the best I've ever seen. The concrete especially. Makes me want to go and rip up quite a lot of my layout subsequently!
    Really hoping this layout will get out and about because I'd certainly like to see it in the flesh. Well done and thank you!
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  18. NHY 581

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    Can only agree.......a lot.
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  19. chrisb

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    Thank you for the kind and very generous comments and likes.

    A small and very fun detail for the goods shed:

    The hydrant is a modified casting from Decapod. The water dribble was made from a piece of clear plastic sprue, heated, stretched to a very fine thread and then twisted. The splashes are from a piece of open cell packing foam, painted white. The puddly water was made using AK Interactive AK 8028 Puddles.
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  20. Osgood

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    It is not yet apparent how the baseboard edge will be faced in front of the goods shed, but may I suggest it would be good fun to have the water flow from the leaking hydrant running vertically down the side of it? :D

    In awe of this modelling!
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