Cessy-en-Bois: Une petite gare de triage

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by chrisb, 11 June 2018.

  1. JimG

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    ...and a bucket on the floor under it. :):):)

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  2. Phil.c

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    Lovely stuff Chris ;)
  3. Tim Watson

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    What comes over very strongly in this excellent thread is that when the Romans invaded Gaul, they didn’t pass on how to make decent concrete...

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  4. Brian T

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    Not sure how i missed this one.

    Some really sublime modeling!. :thumbs:

  5. chrisb

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    Thank you for the kind comments and likes.

    A little progress...the last of the exterior lights for the goods shed:

    The bulkhead lights were made as before only with red tower LEDs for the lamps for bays 3 and 4. The overhead lights were knocked up from odd bits of brass wire, styrene square section and some flat, clear plastic from a model kit sprue:
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  6. mickoo

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    Knocked up :eek:

    I've seen far worse conduit in 1:1 scale :D
  7. NHY 581

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    Evening Chris. Any progress?

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  8. chrisb

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    Large sigh...

    Everything is packed up in anticipation of a house move which is dragging on and on and on. But, hopefully it will be worth it as the new house has more space for railway projects!
  9. NHY 581

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    I, like many hereon, look forward to the resumption of the build, Chris.

    This is a truly smashing layout but obviously there needs to be somewhere for it to live !!