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  1. LarryG

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    The down GWR design waiting shelter at Carrog in BR days. It was demolished after the line closed....

    WEB Carrog waiting room 1.jpg

    When it was built again under the preservation movement, the building was one row of bricks lower than the original building. Martin Christie who lives at the station pointed this out to me when I was measuring up the various buildings in 2017. The canopy appears to be one vertical plank wider than previously too....
    WEB Carrog waiting room 2.jpg

    Excuse my secondary modern English, but note how the lower line of sticking out bricks have been trimmed to clear the blue bricks above the window. Also an interesting insight into the downspout drainage...
    WEB Carrog waiting room 3.jpg
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  2. Overseer

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    = corbel, or corbeled course
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  3. BrushType4

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    Thats a good photo of the original. Looks like its missing two rows below the corbeled course.
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  4. Peter Cross

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    Maybe the re builder lacked stature.
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  5. Focalplane

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    In Gloucestershire-speak, "If you don't 'ave a corbel you'll have smoke all over your living room". As part of my learning curve I also found out that the height to the top of the chimney from a fire grate should be at least 7 times the height of the grate to the corbel. You can fit a metal canopy to act as a corbel if there isn't one. There, my parting company with knowledge done for the day. That's a load off!
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  6. LarryG

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    Thank you for all the cobblers ...er corbels (damn dylexia). :D:D:D

    Seriously, I had a feeling I would learn something following my un-learned sentence. Would it be a double corbel when it steps out twice? I might never make another building, but if ever I do, I will be armed with the correct vocabu-larry. See what I did there....
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  7. Focalplane

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  8. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Intentio laser cut sleepers for coal staithes came today, so I looked around at photos of real staithes before deciding how to construct a set...

    WEB Coal yard 6.jpg

    The sleepers are very neat indeed...
    WEB Coal yard 7.jpg

    I assembled three back panels and four partitions as shown. There was enough material for four partitions but I am limited for space....
    WEB Coal yard 8.jpg

    When the UHU Wood glue was set, I distressed the assembly with a knife and various files....

    WEB Coal yard 9.jpg WEB Coal yard 10.jpg
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  9. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    No primer necessary. Just sprayed with Howes Sleeper Grime. Then the corners of the posts and partition tops were lightly filed to show the natural wood. Next, Phoenix/PPC diluted Dirty black and Rail Rust did the rest. A real quicky this one...

    WEB Coal yard 4.jpg

    Staithes plonked on the layout just for a photo. They wont stay here....
    WEB Coal yard 5.jpg
  10. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    Thats cracking that. The weathering and distress is perfect. :thumbs:
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  11. LarryG

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    Regular followers will no doubt have noticed that the station name has been rather fluid since construction started in May. The station shouldn't really be named 'Junction' because a small signalbox controlling the junction west of the overbridge would probably carry the title 'Ruthin Junction Signal Box'. Otherwise, it would require an elevated signalbox at the station to give the signalman a clear view over the bridge.

    I doubt the GWR would want to call the station Ruthin Junction when the Ruthin branch was not theirs (unlike the Bala branch). Among the options for the station are 'Corwen Exchange' and 'Corwen East' to differentiate the place from the other station in Corwen, but thankfully all this can be held in abeyance until the time comes to have station nameboards produced.
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  12. Phil O

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    There's always the GW chestnut, Corwen Road.
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  13. Genghis

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    I don't have chance to read this thread for a couple of days and it's two pages longer and great progress...............
  14. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Thanks. It's a good job I slowed down then haha... All the materials I was waiting for have now arrived so no more expenditure is required for a while. DCC Sound to put more locos into traffic, track switches, cork, new point, vinyl grass sheet, Toad brake van kit and much much more. But first I will make the most of the last of the summer now that the roads are a bit emptier hereabouts. :drool:
  15. LarryG

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    I like chestnuts :)
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  16. Phil O

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    So it would seem. Nice one.
  17. LarryG

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    The LNWR (and later the LMS) supplied platform seats for their share of passengers on the 'joint' Up platform from which Ruthin branch trains departed (signalled for 2-way running). Western Region painters have obviously been at this one...
    WEB Seats 3.jpg

    ...But not it seems these two. The nearer seats L. M. Region paintwork is quite bleached. Interestingly, none are pure LNWR....
    WEB Seats 4.jpg
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  18. LarryG

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    A neat LMS Lamp Hut arrived today courtesy of Phil (Brush Type4) at Intentio. The stout walls were soon put together and left to harden before the outer corrugated wrapper was attached with Evostik. I glued the front face only to begin with to make sure everything lined up properly...
    WEB Lamproom 1.jpg

    The other walls followed one at a time, again using "wet" Evostik, in other words, it was not left to go tacky...
    WEB Lamproom 2.jpg WEB Lamproom 3.jpg

    The brick base had Loctite carefully applied only at the outer corners. When set, the base was removed for painting separately...
    WEB Lamproom 4.jpg

    The corrugated card roof was pre-curved using a brass Kraft handle....
    WEB Lamproom 5.jpg

    Again this was attached with Evostik using this glue in the normal manner. It is vital to centre the roof exactly before pressing firmly in place...
    WEB Lamproom 6.jpg WEB Lamproom 7.jpg
    To be continued...
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  19. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    The corners were tidied up by applying a small amount of UHU wood glue, wiping it down the join with a finger then 'rubbing' the corners together using the Kraft knife handle... Before and after.....

    WEB Lamproom 8A.jpg WEB Lamproom 8B.jpg

    Hinges were made from scrap brass etch and attached with loctite....

    WEB Lamproom 10.jpg

    components parts ready for painting....
    WEB Lamproom 9.jpg
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  20. Ianwales

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    Hi Larry

    Just joined Western Thunder and came across your thread which I have just read through(between trains in the Signal Box Schhhhhhhhhh!) very inspirational and enjoyable.

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