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    I thought it was time to start a thread about Cwm Bach, my 7mm scale depiction of the South Wales Valleys in the 1950s and early 1960s. It occupies a space of 15' x 2' and is wired for DCC operation.I use a blend of standards, the track and rolling stock are 7mm Finescale and the scenery, buildings, signalling, baseboards and wiring are ScaleSeven. The full story has been told in the Autumn 207 edition of the Gauge 0 Guild Gazette, the August 2018 Railway Modeller and edition 264 of the Model Railway Journal.

    Cwm Bach RM 31 May 2018008.jpg Cwm Bach RM Aug 2018.jpg Cwm Bach Colliery MPD 220916.jpg Cwm Bach Station 220916 1.jpg Cwm Bach Minerva 7788 waits for the signal with the down pick-up goods train MRJ.jpg Cwm Bach Running-in Board MRJ.jpg
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    ScaleSeven wiring...! ;-p
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    Very nice Chris.

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    Some shots of 5661 at work on Cwm Bach. I have also included Ben Ashworth's photo of 56XXs at Treharris, which inspired the scene.

    5661 at rest on Cwm Bach BW.jpg 5661 coal exchange shunt BW -001.jpg 5661 coal exchange shunt-002.jpg Treharris - B J Ashworth.jpg
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