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    These are two of the six coach panels (thank you, Mike Williams), that will go towards making up Dan's Home and will eventually sit on the Lorriot that I built some time ago. The front, as can be seen, is moulded and the reverse flush. To make some sense of the inside when viewed through the windows, the glazing will need to set into some sort of framing. Or, fit one piece of window material across the whole of the inside and paint it black taking away the worry of internal viewing.
    I'd like to fit the glazing into frames and was wondering if anyone out there had any ideas how I may accomplish this and keep the interior as something worth looking into (once it's furnished).

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    In my opinion the windows are so small that once the low roof is on there will be little detail to see anyway unless it's going to be illuminated or intended as an exhibition piece.
    Not an expert modeller by any stretch but for the glazing i'd just cut some thin clear plasticard/glass to the same size as the interior once the sides and ends are assembled, then if wanting an interior detail layer cut a second sheet of whatever material to the same size and mark out the window negative spaces by tracing a pencil around the windows and then drill and file until you're happy.
    Took a while on my five compartment attempt but you can see what I mean here and funny enough I got the same mouldings off Mike recently as well. The mouldings are not all even so it's best to match up two lots of sides that have ruffly the same thickness and then tinker with the remaining differences as best as you can before joining them up.
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    "But Dan, we need you!!"

    Sorry I couldn't resist.

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    What an exciting use of new technology....

    "Are you there Dan?" I couldn't resist either …… but it does throw up the point that Dan had curtains in the windows, lace ones, that he dried his face on before going out to fire the engine, having been prodded awake by a length of branch held by the little old lady clerk. That might make the insides needing less detail as the curtains would hide most of it. Just a thought.
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