David Andrews Castle Build

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    Don’t worry, Larry, it was you who persuaded me that the more sidings the merrier!

    Not wishing to repeat myself, the larger scales generally put you into the scene better than the smaller scales. Which is why Moor Street’s datum is relatively high - I want to see my trains at eye level, not from a virtual helicopter. After all, that’s how as an enthusiast I generally saw them.
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    Hi Paul

    I've a David Andrews Maunsell N Class in the Pencarrow stash to build at some point. Watching your build with interest as the methodology intended by David seems to be very similar. Great job you're doing so far.
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    Chris, thank you. I think all of David’s kits are designed with much the same methodology. I have tackled the Compound, Castle and Dukedog and have the original* Patriot kit unmade. So, if you can build any one of his kits you can build them all. Also, I have found David to be very friendly and helpful, though we have yet to meet.

    * Original = “un-rebuilt”
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    A little progress today before my "better half" arrives tomorrow afternoon. I expect other priorities may be promoted over Castles! On the way to the airport I will stop by FB Systems to see if they have anything non-gauge specific I can use. I seem to need a good track cleaning system and they will know what's best for the relatively dry Mediterranean climate (though high humidity does happen quite regularly and that may be the problem). And they carry a reasonable supply of Woodlands Scenics materials. Over the weekend I brutalized a Xuron "snipper" and a replacement would be a wise purchase. Other than that, HO rules. And some of the prices can make a grown Frenchman cry!
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    Some more work done over the weekend on the Castle:


    The tender is 95% assembled while the engine has received a little work on removing excess solder.
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    You like that Brasso stuff, do you? :)

    I think I need to get some too. :cool:

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    I would be worried about what brasso leaves on the brass, and it's effect on painting. Brass is hard enough to paint without extra deposits.
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  8. Focalplane

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    Before painting I will clean the brass again with Ajax and then degreaser (IPA or similar) followed by acid etch primer. The Ajax to provide a key.
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  9. Focalplane

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    Why use Brasso then, you may ask! Well, I am always impressed with the wonderful "solderless" soldering by certain WT builders and while I cannot emulate them, I do find it satisfying to look at the shiny Castle's boiler and smokebox and think "I did that!!!"
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    The tender brass springs and axle boxes arrived from Warren Shephard today. Well worth the money! I may be able to get back on to the Castle as the problems with Moor Street's track seem to have gone away for the moment.
  11. Focalplane

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    The brass castings have been added so it is beginning to look like a Collett 4,000 gallon tender. Just a few more pieces to add, then back to the engine.

    By the way, my mixed Nationality lingo might be confusing sometimes, so here is some clarification:

    Locomotive or Loco = a complete unit, i.e. engine plus tender; a tank engine would also be a loco
    Engine = Either the motive power part of a locomotive (engine + tender) or a tank engine
    Exception: A Mallet or similar has two engines
    Tender = A separate vehicle for carrying coal and water.
  12. Focalplane

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    The Castle's tender is nearly there. Just the front handrails to fit. I also painted the chassis:


    The brass bolt is to limit the play on the centre axle. I don't have to trim it to size but if the DCC electronics require it then I will.

    Soldering the bits to the rear end of the tender caused a few blue words but I think it looks OK in the raw.


    It still needs cleaning up and I just received a heavy duty glass fibre brush from Eileens Emporium which will do the job. The soldered filling on the tank top flaring at the rear corners definitely needs improving! The top of the tender required a lot of time to get (nearly) right:


    It will be interesting to see how this kit compares with the Finney7 equivalent. And then I can always add a tender full of coal to hide the "jack of all trade" lumps of solder!
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  13. Focalplane

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    The tender build is finished!


    Though I may revisit it in the morning.
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